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This blog sometimes contains content that is more suitable for those over the age of 18. All fictional entries, or entries tagged fiction, aren't set in stone; in real life, please practice safe sex.

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The Bio Byte:

Obsessions: Writing and finding that scintillating drop of red wine when I’m in the local liquor store.
Can’t Live Without: Writing, listening to tunes each day, my son, books, photographs of my parents.
Frightened of: Very little.
Humbling Moments: Four years of my life working as a nurse assistant in retirement/nursing homes, time at university within the labs pouring over the most complicated ‘machine’ - the human body - during my anatomy years, giving birth.
Worst Vice: Smoking, and using the F word. Sharon Osborne is my F-Word idol.
In the fridge: Milk, cheese(s), veggies (dead and alive), red meat and Coke Zero (the full sugared variety makes me bounce off walls).
My Teen Years: Introspective, adventurous and hair raising.
Friends Don’t Get Why: I write so much.
Family Is: The thin line one negotiates from time to time.
Sex Is: Sex is just sex, and only transformed into magic when love, passion, respect and humility enter the intimate equation.
Quirks: Reading the paper on the ‘throne’ (for time efficiency), and being strapped to a source of music for all household chores (or I’d go insane).
Pet Hates: Literary snobs, elitists, millennial hippies, gurus (of any kind), whole meal pasta/cardboard, militant vegans, George W Bush in prez mode (although I think he’d be a fun beer buddy).


music, art, photography, writing, literature, French film, history, science, psychology, sexuality, sexual lifestyles and burping out the vowels in one breath (that's a joke).