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May 29, 2008

The Most Intrepid Web Cam Girl

I received a reader question today. Actually, I don't think it can be classified as a reader question, as it is more close to random curiosity. I was asked if I was - possibly, maybe, hopefully - the same girl behind the site known as Anacam or Ana Voog. The name was familiar.

Curious, I looked it up and had a laugh. I was asked the same question a few years ago in a chat room (my user name at that time was Ana), and no, I'm not Ana Voog.

If I broadcast my life via webcam, people would die of boredom. I can think of a few routine scenes that would appear in the Web Razzies:

Scene 1: Morning. I get out of bed (or flop out, depending on whether I took a sleeping tablet the night before), go to the bathroom, with the cat hot on my heels mewling 'I'm hungry bitch, when are you going to feed me?' I take a leak, step into the shower for a five minute lather and rinse, followed by a quick (not languidly long) dry off.

Scene 2: Kitchen. Kettle switched on and me bent over with a can of cat food. Water boiled, and coffee stirred.

Scene 3: Sitting at the dining table, cigarette, and a flick through the morning newspapers.

Scene 4: Seated on my butt using my fingers....typing something (like this?).

Therefore, I'd be completely boring...but today, I did manage to have some action at home -ransacking the living room and bookshelf searching for my med prescription. Two hours of fun-fun-fun.


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