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July 07, 2008

Foot Fetish

There are sites that I become addicted to and many of these highly addictive sites are, you guessed it, typically female fashion sites that list the latest collections and designs such as net-a-porter.com. Why do I like these sorts of sites? The prime reason relates to accessibility. I'd feel a little out of place in a premium boutique on Sydney's Castlereagh Street because it's silly to ask an assistant about the retail price of a product. Products in stores like Chanel don't have price tags. It's not like K-Mart or Target. Hagging in premier boutiques is just not on.

Anyway, the other day I was browsing and came across an inspirational image. I'm not a shoe person. IBootsgallery can't say that I am rapt at every shoe store. You won't see me writhing in ecstasy at Payless Shoes but get me to the shoe department at David Jones, and I can be there all day, and this isn't limited to women's shoes. Men's shoes are nice to look at as well. When housemate needs shoes, we have to walk all over town because he has difficulty finding his shoe size in most stores, so we kill two birds: we take exercise by walking and eventually find a retail pleasure.

Friends often ask me why I bother looking at things that I can't afford. It doesn't hurt to add them on a wishlist. It makes life more fun. There is no point wallowing in self pity or similar emotions, and it's always pleasurable to look at beautiful things and quality products.

Take these boots on the right. Aren't they orgasmic? They are orgasmic and you won't find them in K-Mart or Payless Shoes. They're designed by Christian Louboutin. These 5 1/2 inch heeled beauties retail for a little over US$1000.00, and they are to die for. I have a fetish for red soles. The red sole adds a certain elegance.

I admit, I'm a fusspot with boots. It's a difficult decision for me and I feel strange wearing a flat or semi-flat heel, and I'm not a fan of kitten heels. I'm not a regular shoe fetishist. It's not a 24/7 thing and most of the time I think of shoes last, but if I'm in a shoe department or walk by a boutique that displays killer shoes, I'm suddenly caught in the shoe zone. It's like "ah, hello there, and aren't you a sturdy heel?"

It is like feeling a fraction of what a foot fetishist feels. I can see the fascination with shoes and feet when I see shoes like the above boots. They alter my taste for boots. Will I ever set foot in Payless Shoes ever again? Louboutin is definitely out of my range, so I'll settle for the middle-man: Sandler.


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they are heavenly boots but my quarterly bonus isn't enough to cover them :((((

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