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September 22, 2008

4 Second Sex

I've never been one to believe sex scenes in conventional films. They usually depict a few seconds of a sexual blitzkrieg, that is choreographed and edited after how many takes, and the final product is perfect, with explosive orgasms. Guy Ritchie, film director (umm...Mr Madonna) is doing his best to promote one of his new films and is using the sex as a promo. A four second sex scene in his film RocknRolla was the subject of conversation in a recent interview.

I don't know Guy, but you can't convince me that a 4 second quickie is the way to go. Guy's justification of a 4 second sex scene:

"was kept to a mere four seconds, because quickies – in real life and on screen - are the “best type of sex”.

All I can say is, 'poor Madonna.' Despite all the career success and fortune, sometimes you can't have it all.

I've never found quickies satisfying. It's easy to say 'put yourself in a sexy frame of mind, just in case,' but as per usual (or as in life), quickies unfold at the most unpredictable time. One person is usually not ready for the sex but they tend to go along with it, being left less than satisfied or 'content' but short of reaching nirvana. It's the reason why I can't stand film sex scenes. They can set a person up for failure. I remember being a teenager, trying to get my hands on films that had decent sex scenes; short of porn, which was impossible for me to get at the age of 18 to 20 (I got my hands on that shortly after, and didn't find that educational either), films were the second best thing, but real-life sex is absolutely nothing like the filmed version, as most sexually experienced people know, and the rapid journey - arousal to orgasm - is practically impossible to emulate in real life. Sometimes I think that a portion of the orgasmic issues that women feel they have relates to 'quick sex'. It just doesn't give women time. The stages of female sexual arousal are completely different to male sexual arousal and while film sex scenes are fancy, they favor men.

Humans have evolved to such a degree - in terms of their desires and fantasies- that fast sex or 'reproductive sex' isn't a prerequisite anymore, but it seems that a portion of people haven't evolved that far in order to prefer 'quick sex' or sex that concludes before a woman has ascended toward orgasm. It's not like quickie sex requires a lot of mental work. It doesn't.

Do quickies work for you? I don't mean the occasional quickie, but quick sex on a regular basis.


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A film buff friend of mine and I were talking about Mr Madonna's new film recently. I asked "Have you seen the trailer for RnR? Do you think what I think?"

His reply was pretty in line with my thinking "What, you think it looks crap and confirms how limited he is as a director?"

Films use sex as currency to sell themselves for the most part. Why would you want to show anything other than what amounts to a 45 second mutual wank. It would get in the way of the CGI and explosions.

I haven't had too many quickies of late — just the way life is lately, I suppose — but I'm not against them. They serve their purpose, even if one person gets off. I mean, who among us hasn't sent our man out in the world with a nice blow job in the morning? Quickies can do the same thing.

However, sometimes, if you've been teasing each other all day, whether by phone or text or passing each other by as you go about your daily whatevers, I mean, a quickie is all you need (especially if you have little ones in the house).

Still, given the opportunity, sex with thought and time and passion would always be my preference ....

Short Answer? Nope!

I really liked SNATCH one of his films with Brad Pitt a few years ago. I have not seen the clip you mention - but I'm looking for it now :-)
As to the question at hand - I'd say quickies have their place and can even add to the excitement in the right situation :-)

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