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September 12, 2008

Are You Hot Enough?

There are many things that amuse me on the web, but dating sites have maintained their appeal for me - in the sarcastic humor stakes, because it’s not enough that online dating has taken off or has become an established (if not weird) form of dating, but there apparently seems to be a need for ongoing improvement. When you think about it, there are hundreds of dating sites, and all of them rely on paid membership (for members to access the extras). It doesn’t matter if they advertise on television telling you that ‘joining is free,’ and they’re not really lying, but they do tell partial truths. You see, if you want to message people, you have to pay (in most cases).

The dating site that had me laughing, is something that was emailed to me as a possible joke subject I could blog about, and who can resist blogging about a site that is titled: The main header on the site: “Not for the Average Single.” No, it’s not, it’s for the conceited single. Whatever happened to the days where relationships were more about a meeting of minds, that followed the initial chemistry. Do people actually base their relationship of whether their potential partner has a six pack or perky tits? Well, in this technical age of convenience, many do. It’s, ‘click, I don’t like that profile, click, he/she seems a little conceited, click, they’ve listed themselves as being on the portly side forget that, click-click-click.’ Human Ebay without the bidding, only clicking. is all about the long suffering ‘good looking’ people. It makes your heart bleed doesn’t it? If they can’t get a date…then what IS WRONG WITH THEM? I ask myself that question when I see sites like this. The thought is frequently followed by the other evil thought: do these people have more issues than Italian Vogue? Do their neuroses outnumber the number of fashion accessories on the market? What the fuck, I think?

And the thing is, if you’re not deemed ‘hot enough’ for then that’s it, you’re not added to their elite list of singles. They try to minimize their superficial stance with clever wording, but they're superficial all right. It's like a virtual version television reality dating shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, without the expensive dates and locations.

There are days when I think that the dating world becomes more absurd as time progresses and technological innovations increase. This form of dating would have to be the most dissociated form of human communication, highlighted by 'distanced' evaluations or at the click of a button.


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