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September 13, 2008

Complete Silliness

Another confession for this blog:

I love watching spoofs. I crack up at films like Naked Gun (I love Leslie Nielsen) and I've watched all the Scary Movie films. Last night I rented The Superhero Movie (I also rented There Will Be Blood, but I wouldn't advise that unless you're a Daniel Day Lewis fan because it's a really slow film).

Anyway, there was a Tom Cruise Scientology spoof within the film, and perhaps it's the only clip that can be posted on YouTube, but if you haven't caught the original Scientology film with Tom Cruise (due to its removal from YouTube), this clip below - from The Superhero Movie- will give you a rough idea about the original. ( "I can eat planets." RFLMAO)


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It's interesting how quick they are to add current trends in films and make fun of them. This film made fun of everything including Facebook and Apple (product placement in films).

Spoofs are great fun. I still occasionally watch "Flying High". I miss quite a bit the first time through, that I pick up on second viewing. This one has to be one of the best, especially allowing when it was made.

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