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September 14, 2008

Obama's New Strategy

Politics, all on its own, tends to be dreary or monotonous at times but if you add gender and politics, it becomes more exciting, as Sarah Palin's entry has indicated. You'll come across many articles, such as this one in today's Sydney Morning Herald.

"Their reasoning was clear: deprive Palin of the spotlight and make a new attempt to twin McCain with unpopular Republican President Bush.

Ironically, Bush's political guru Karl Rove warned in a Wall Street Journal article on Thursday that attacking Palin was bad politics for Obama."

It makes me ask myself: should I read all that hoopla or focus on the obvious?

To me, it's about as obvious as pronounced Spandex camel toe.

One of the significant mistakes Barack Obama made is not selecting Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential candidate, and I believe (although my opinion doesn't matter, doesn't really count as an Aussie person living in the 'boonies' according to some) this will affect the overall dynamic. Some can interpret his move as traditional: opting for a male (and 'unknown' - compared to Hillary) running mate. He's already sidestepping Palin, and focusing on McCain. What does this mean? It can be interpreted in two ways: he's being chivalrous or he's afraid. All in all, it makes for interesting observation. Political campaigns, the way they're staged, every statement, speech and activity, are like fancy or sophisticated zoo displays. At least in a zoo, you'll have straightforward primate behavior. The human zoo is quite different or more complex, depending on which way you look at it. I'm not an alien believer, but on a hypoethetical level: What would an alien think if they could watch Earth like a reality television show? ("some male humans are incapable of accepting female political candidates?" or "they're so traditional in their selection based on gender, they're predictably boring and I'm writing to the network to complain?") In some ways, it's better than a reality show: political candidates dress better, make complex arguments and create more spin than a pro figure skater. You can't get that in ordinary reality television.


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Hi Bobby,
Australia is just as ridiculous, I think all politicians around the world are capable of all sorts of ridiculousness, a part of me can't blame them because politics is a dirty game and the phrase 'taking a high road' doesn't work really well.

I don't think Hillary cares so much. Even if there is a huge deficit, she has a huge bank account so it's not like she'll be affected. I was really surprised to see how McCain's popularity rating increased after Palin entered the scene, and a part of me thought, and I'm guessing many people think it but few say it (cos it's not really that fantastic to think about let alone say), that a high proportion of American's aren't ready to vote for an African American candidate, and it's not just America. Australia is like that. The United Kingdom is like that as well.

Now that you mention it, the communist factor isn't something I thought of but yeah, they are buying everything 'to save them all from collapsing' on their butts, and really, it's the companies' problem if they choose (like the mortgage companies) to loan money to people with questionable credit ratings. In the end, greed gets them (the insurance companies, banks, etc), and it's relevant to Australians as well because many financial institutions here have taken out loans from American financial institutions so they're affected by it too.

It's hard Bobby, especially when the choices are what they are. It's like here. The Australian federal government is sitting on a surplus of twenty billion dollars, and public schools are still suffering (so-so resources, teachers being treated like corporate drones by education departments -with new assessment policies, anything so the government can find an excuse not to provide funds). They're sitting on this surplus while aged pensioners, those people who paved the way for these younger politicians to be where they are, can't afford the supermarket essentials. They're still bickering on increasing the aged pension, and some representatives of the current federal government are pissed off that the opposing political party is proposing an increase to the aged pension. It's incredible.

It's getting like that (average income-wise) here, depending on which state a person lives, but luckily Australia hasn't reached that point, where people need the US income equivalent of 50 thousand to get by, but it's practically impossible to buy a house in major cities, without sacrificing one's life to the bank.

Hi Ana! It's always interesting to see how people form other countries see American politics. Apparently, you see them just like an American. I guess Australia has the same hoopla and ridiculous infighting.

I agree with you totally on the Hillary thing. If he had chosen her, he would already be winning by a landslide. They don't like each other at all. I know Hillary hopes he loses so she can run in 2012.

Basically, America is broke and neither Obama or McCain will be able to fix it. Just like every president, they go in to change Washington, but Washington changes them.

If a true, honorable leader were to run, they would have no chance of winning because they need the support of lobbyists, corporate titans and the political theater of Wall Street behind them. You have to sell out in the end to win.

America is becoming a socialist state, with many aspects of Marxism guiding it. The government is currently "buying" the mortgage market, health care, the auto industry and air travel. This is known as communism. That's what happens when a severely corrupted government owns society.

Basically, I think none of these candidates are qualified, nor have the guts to change things. I will not vote for either of these yes-men. They're both full of shit and both say whatever to manipulate voters to win. It's a power trip. Imagine the feeling of power someone would have being the president - not George Bush, he's far too stupid to know what power is.

It really bothers me when Bush is not only president, but one of the most unintelligent people I've ever heard speak. To earn just the basic essentials to live in America, you need to earn at least $50,000.00 per year. Any less, you are poor like me. It's ridiculous. When I see people get behind these candidates, I scratch my head in disbelief. I have to laugh to avoid crying.

"Presidential running mates are chosen for reasons that the 'common person' often isn't privy to...and probably couldn't fathom even if they were presented to them. Do some fact-checking and see on how many occasions the presidential candidate chose the runner-up in the primary campaign."
So I guess that part of your quote really answers why Obama's popularity rating declined recently eh?
I hate to break it to you, but if I really had the time to respond to every sarcastic aside that you make, and I believe I gave you my honest opinion about your sarcastic asides quite a few posts/months ago, telling you to fuck off out of my blog, for various reasons that you're aware of. I'd write a thesis, but people don't really give a shit about the reason's why candidates are chosen, they go on appearances and perceptions. That is why Bush has seen two terms. In politics candidates (even if they make errors, are incompetent, etc) have to have charisma. If they don't have it, they don't win. It's really that simple at the end of the day, even if that view leads to a few aneurysms. Whether she is a twat, backward, zealous or whatever she is, the look on Obama's face after she was announced was priceless, and THAT says a lot. It's the reason why many 'pro-politicians' hire body language coaches (they probably have a more 'professoinal' title).

At the end of the day this is a blog. It's not personally addressed to anyone in particular, lest of all you, so screw your head on straight because you react like I'm personally writing you or something. I was well within my rights to tell you to bugger off a few posts ago, and over a year ago as well. After all, you're a sneaky person who publishes personal email in 'secret' blogs, just to make yourself seem ten feet tall as a man.

I don't expect people to agree with me about everything, nor do I expect people to lick the soles of my feet because of this blog, but sarcasm and continual harassment and ridicule about my location/abode I can do without, so if you've got a beef with life, deal with it. See a therapist. Pop a pill. I don't enter your blog and go on and on like a troll, ridiculing a person. That's the courtesy I expect from other bloggers, and if they don't give it, then they can expect the fiery response and if it upsets them, they can go and cry to their mummy.

Anyone who's read this blog for quite a while will know that I tend to see the funny side in all politics, I've blogged about Australian politicians as well.

God, where to start, where to start?

-"One of the significant mistakes Barack Obama made is not selecting Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential candidate," In order for this to be true, you'd have to assume that Obama (and his very cagey advisors) were being spiteful, giving Hillary the 'smackdown'. This is the very childish reaction from Clinton supporters, whose behaviour leading up to the vice-presidential nomination being announced was, in a word, 'bewildering'. Well, no, let's try this one on for size: 'childish'. (And quite frankly, if this is the way they see things when 'their' candidate doesn't get elected, they they DESERVE another four years of Republican rule.
-To consider Joe Biden and 'unknown' (in comparison with Clinton) reveals a) where you're watching this from, and b) just how great a factor the media is...which is fascinating, seeing as you cannot stand celebrity. Hmm...
-Why have you taken an opportunity to discuss Obama et al, thrown it away and ended your post with fluff references to aliens, zoos and reality tv?
-Presidential running mates are chosen for reasons that the 'common person' often isn't privy to...and probably couldn't fathom even if they were presented to them. Do some fact-checking and see on how many occasions the presidential candidate chose the runner-up in the primary campaign. Obama and his organization chose Biden because he provides something Clinton does not possess (experience, especially in regards to the judiciary as well as foreign affairs), and because she simply was not suitable to be a VP. (A third reason might be that asking the American electorate to vote into office both its first black president as well as its first female VP is a bit too much.)
-Obama's sidestepping Palin not because he's chivalrous (he is, amongst many other admirable traits), and not because he's afraid (oh, puleeeease), but because she's a twat. There's little to deal with where her credibility is concerned. She's presented herself as a 'maverick'. Right. She's pro-life...she's a member of the NRA...she pulls from a decidedly conservative economic agenda...she wants to drill the fuck out of Alaska... Maverick? Pah! She's closer to Bush in ideology than she would ever publicly admit. Now that Palin has returned to Alaska, McCain's appearances have seen attendance drop-off precipitously. Why? Because of the celebrity-factor of Palin. I can't wait for the debates between Biden and her...he's gonna make her look SUCH a fool.
-If anyone should be taken to task for a gender-based decision on running-mate, it's the Republicans, not the Democrats. Not only was it a questionable one...but it reveals how McCain makes decisions. Which reveals what kind of president he might be. Which scares me. (But then, I've lived with eight years of Bush, up-close-and-personal, so fear isn't anything new.)
-The thought of Palin as president...given McCain's age and health...stops my heart.
-You might want to check out the Charles Gibson interview with Palin for more insight.

Everyone is entitled to have an opinion. And bloggers can certainly say what they want on their sites. But really, if you're going to hold forth on American politics, you owe it to yourself to not limit yourself to the sources you're currently using. Because when you do, you do come off as someone from the boonies. And you're capable of so much more than simply regurgitating what's readily available online...which, when it comes down to it, is simply politico-celebrity drivel; moronic news for a moronic audience.

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