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September 12, 2008

Pammy on Sarah Palin: "She Can Suck It" or When Celebrities Should Shut Up

How celebrities sabotage election candidates? They open their mouth and express trite views, but it’s their image that works against them. Do celebrities actually stop to think that they make it worse by entering political debates, or, like Pam Anderson, saying silly things that are just childish?

“I can‘t stand her(Sarah Palin), she can suck it!”

What the hell is that?

If you head back to the last election, and Michael Moore’s documentary on George W Bush, that entire film can be considered reverse publicity. So the question: can celebrities change the course of elections (in a negative way, by swinging votes)? I think so.

Does anyone take Pamela Anderson Lee seriously? I doubt it. My son doesn’t take her seriously every time he sees her on the news (her last Australian trip, and her cameo on Big Brother, tossing her hair every minute). The five hundred - and counting - comments after this news article also indicate the same thing - few take Pamela and Matt seriously.

Here are some comments:

" Who would listen to Pam or Matt? Since when did hollywood even deserve to tell the public what to say? What are their credentials? Oh, they can take on personas and make money - now that takes talent. I wish hollywood would get out of itself. Narcissism is like pride."

" Who cares what Pam A. or Matt D. think. Remember..they are actors which means they spend most of their time earning their living faking it."

Then there's this comment that had me laughing, only because it reminded me of the blowjob Pam gave Tommy Lee in 'that video.'

"You know...Pamela Anderson is such a low-life loser. Here's an opinion coming from a sleazy whore who strips and poses nude.....yeah GREAT family values girl. She gets violent and down right WACKO with anyone who hunts or even eats a burger or chicken sandwich...(which by the way sounds real good right now.) lol. All of these left-wing socialists need to move to China or Russia where they belong. And besides, she wouldn't be where she is today if she didn't have the 8 or so breast enlargements because of her insecurities and stupid shallow men following her every move. She's already showing her age. Maybe SHE needs to go "suck it". Obviously that is how she solves all of her issues with men and the world for that matter. The more these low-life losers open their mouths (no pun) the more people that are swinging (again no pun) their vote to the Republicans."

And this comment from a woman, and a poignant comment at that:

"Pam Anderson, a real top of the line role model for women. She's got absolutely nothing to offer but boobs."

And a comment that hits the nail on the head (where celebrity political opinions are concerned):

"These folks need to remember they make their money living imaginary lives. They are entertainment. They are not looked up to for their scholarly advice.If they think they are then they have more imagination than I give them credit for."


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Anyone with half a brain knows that every time a celebrity opens their trap, like Pamela and Matt Damon, they're doing it to spike their profile. Casting agents should keep an eye for this phenomenon. It would save money on casting dud actors for films. I read that Matt Damon said that it would be a terrible Disney movie if Palin got in, but is that as bad as his Bourne films?

Pamela's historic sexual incidents leave the door wide open for puns. Sucking it? And she told the reporter to quote her on it as well.

Before Paris, there was Pamela...sucking it and no one took her seriously ever again. A fractured fairy tale.

Yep Probitionate, 'in my remote' location. I live in the boonies in this world of Internet technology, satellites and so on - even if my time zone is a day ahead of you. And no, I don't spend every waking moment in this blog writing about celebrities, only about things I find incredibly amusing and if, on occasion, it involves a celebrity, so what? It's not like they're sacred cows or anything like that, but the way you react, it's like they have more rights or sit in the dimension of privilege. It seems that you have an issue with US citizens as well, many of which aren't really happy about their present government. If the US people (that make up the GDP) had low inclinations and low general capabilities then the US wouldn't be considered one of the world's largest economies would it, for the population it has?

Jeff, that's the thing with the media now. What choices do people have even when they're watching the news? Recently, I was watching the Nine news at 6pm, and they went on and on about Nicole Kidman's baby, and I thought 'yeah, and?' and I can understand if it's the last story of the program (when they have the 'touchy feely happy topic' but the third story? I switched to SBS news, but with newspapers, I tend to read more of them online, and it's good because I have a quick browse and that's it, but yeah, I still get the Saturday paper. The local paper here has nothing but what's going on with the local council and far too many real estate listings lol, but it's funny who they put microphones in front of, and the questions they ask. Maybe some journalists take bets on which celebrity will say the most daft thing, and not all celebrities are like Pam, there are more that keep their views to themselves and have no need to divulge everything at the first reporter that approaches them.


Clearly you've got issues with celebrity. (No surprise, given how you usually write about them.) In fact, it kind of renders a discussion on this topic pointless.

However, I will say this: not only do we get the government we deserve, but we also get the media we deserve. And clearly, there is more of an appetite for 'celebrity' than there is for political discourse. Probably because, at least in the US, the common denominator, the status quo, the general capabilities and inclinations of its people are so low.

Which of course makes me laugh when you demonize celebrities for opening their mouths and project their blather. Having just spent a month Stateside, I can tell you that celebrities have no monopoly on mental and verbal dreck. But maybe from your *very* removed location, you see things differently. Good luck with that.

What I fail to understand, from an intelligence viewpoint, is why the press in it's many forms, can't be a little more discerning with who they shove microphones in front of!! If you seek an intelligent and meaningful comment on any issue, ask someone who has some knowledge in the area and air that!!. It's OK. No need to tell me why. Celebs make better copy, but add little to meaningful discussion on most issues. Where I live, the Gold Coast Bulletin is the local rag, and I do read it every day, but the reporting is getting totally ludicrous. I think they are trying to out mirror the Daily Mirror. Accidents that happen miles apart are reported on as happening on "the same stretch of road" etc., and Mr Big of the local drug trade gets nabbed every second day. They think that we can't think for ourselves, and I guess I am making it worse by buying the paper, so, in the end, it's my fault. Personal responsibility, I suppose.

I realize how upsetting it must be to you for a woman like Pamela to be insulted, but it's funny how Pamela didn't really give a rat's testicle about politics until this year, particularly during the time of her reality TV show eh, but even though she makes appearances on television shows that are sponsored by KFC, she is quick to take the pay check but bitch about KFC as well? In other words, the average citizen is more cogent than what the Pamela Andersons of this world could ever be. I beg to differ, most celebrities live a different life. The political party in the White House doesn’t matter that much when they’re earning astronomical amounts. It doesn’t alter their luxurious standard of living, but policies do affect ordinary people (on ordinary incomes) who actually have to work 12 months a year for an average income, who can't compare to actors that earn millions for less than three months work. The average citizen has more cogency than the celebrity, because they don't have an entourage of yes people.

Anyway, it's not like you'd vote, you're Canadian, so you're stuck with the first option (re Sarah Palin), but in your fantasies.

Anyway, I think your view about ordinary citizens is quite arrogant, illogical and nonsensical. If it wasn't for the average citizen, these celebrities wouldn't exist, no one would pay to see or read them. If it wasn't for the average citizen, economies would flounder. Is it always your intention to be an absolute twat each time you comment in here? It's like you're saying that the average citizen is a piece of crap: "Does the average citizen have any more merit being listened to, strictly on the basis of them NOT being a celebrity? Hardly."

WTF is that supposed to really mean? Do you think celebrities earn the money they earn all by themselves? Do you think money grows on trees or it's bestowed by some leprechaun on chance? These celebrities are heavily marketed, their films and shows are heavily marketed, without advertiser support and investment, plus 'citizen' dollars, they wouldn't have a public profile to begin with. Therefore they ought to think twice before they insult the average intelligence and offer frothy bullshit just so they can get someone to watch their stupid reality television shows (like Pamela Anderson), and hey, if you're offended, tough titties, I'm not biased by an appendage called a penis. Pamela Anderson, like similar celebrities, are hypocrites full stop. The only reason why she is doing media rounds now is because of her reality tv show, and that's about it, the fact that there is a presidential election coming up is another media opportunity. After the election is over and the new president is elected, she's not going to give a shit, offer a political opinion or offer bimbo quotes. We all know that. Let's not pretend we're stupid here.

The 'average' celebrity has about as much cogency as the 'average' citizen: not much. Do they 'deserve' to be listened to, just on the basis of having a mic shoved in their face? Hardly. Does the average citizen have any more merit being listened to, strictly on the basis of them NOT being a celebrity? Hardly. (In fact, there's a form of snobbism that goes on in this regard, where many people believe that celebrities should keep their opinions to themselves. My experience has been that it's clear the people who believe this should keep THEIR mouths shut.) Where it gets very interesting is when you have celebrities who are not only far better qualified than their average citizen voter to discuss the issues of the day, but moreso than the politicians making a mess of everything. But this notion, of course, is unacceptable to the average person, whose brains cannot fathom how someone could be attractive, talented AND intelligent.

Which is one of the reasons we get such crap governments, with people like this casting votes.

As for Sarah Palin... I'd fuck her (LOL), but I sure as hell wouldn't vote for her, the Republicans or any other conservative party, anywhere. And watching what's going on in the US election over the past two weeks is turning my stomach. "We get the government we deserve." YIKES!

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