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September 19, 2008

The Dick Smith Porno Mobile Phone: The Sequel on Ebay

Yesterday I blogged about the porn cell phone ("Customer Service: Free Porn on Mobile Phone), the case involving unethical employee conduct that can be called 'stupidity'.
The student who bought the phone, unaware of the candid sexual images (courtesy of Dick Smith staff), is planning on selling the phone on Ebay - the place to earn more than the value of the item. I checked. The phone isn't listed yet, but if you want to track the outcome, try searching for " "the original Dick Smith scandal mobile phone."
As for the company investigation? Staff at the store have been interviewed but no word on the culprit. I'm sure that whoever buys the phone from Ebay will no doubt think of dollar signs as they reveal the images - and when that happens, the entire world will (no doubt) see the amateur 'porn stars'.
What a way to get back at a store assistant/company for bad (lazy) customer service.

Now, if you were the boss of the store, CEO, whatever, wouldn't you just give the woman a state of the art mobile phone as a replacement? It's logical isn't it? Give the woman an iPhone for Christ's sake, and continue with your investigation. But no, an investigation is required first...the news gets out...It's enough to make the namesake of the store (who no longer owns the franchise) spit a few dummies, and I don't blame him. If customer service skills today, were a film title it would be -Customer service: The Rise of the Incompetent and Clueless or The Erosion of Common Sense. And that's coming from me...a CS wunderkind. You wouldn't think it (this blog is my other side), but I've been a CS star on many occasions only to reach my limit due to the increase of idiots that fail to comprehend that the customer is right, regardless.


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