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September 13, 2008

The Poor Man's Howard Stern: Kyle Sandilands

Kylesandilands_narrowweb__300x3940 Kyle Sandilands is considered, by some idiots here in Australia (like a portion of the management at the Austereo Network, sorry dudes, but what else can be said about Kyle?), to be a ‘shock jock’ but most of the time he comes off as an arrogant twat, because he is an arrogant twat. He is also a judge on Australian Idol, has no real idea about music and happens to offer superficial opinions toward people who have real talent. He can’t sing, but he has been known to make comments about contestant wardrobes (and weight) on Australian Idol, focusing more on putting down females (even though he's visibly overweight himself), but his most recent faux pas occurred when he couldn’t handle the heat on radio when indigenous Australian/television host Ernie Dingo gave him a serve after hearing a distasteful radio introduction.

I think Dingo encapsulated everything perfectly:

"Your game is to sensationalise things and you're just basically a commercial wanker."

What is incredible about Australian radio is the the number of jocks that have no real qualifications. Most are early school leavers that simply have a gift of the gab, 'velvet' voices (John Laws) or thrive on controversy, and that is all they do. They aren't capable of giving a balanced view on anything, most are one sided, and it's amazing to think that they are paid incredible amounts to be on radio. Many of these hosts say the most horrible things about people they don't interact with, just to be controversial. John Laws, for example, started going on about Carson Kressley. For nothing. I doubt that Carson even knew who John Laws was, but John Laws decided to call him a 'pillow biter' on live air, and he was made to apologize after gay and lesbian groups got on his case.

One of the positive things about podcasting is that podcasts give people a choice, and I think podcasts will be a definite threat for most radio networks within the next few years, especially if they continue to hire obnoxious radio jocks. Advertisers aren't going to be interested in shitty commercial radio shows with idiotic radio announcers like Kyle Sandilands.

The Austereo Network has become wankier over the years, with nasty breakfast radio hosts on 2Day FM, and really, who listens for the music anymore? There are far too many adverts, and one would think that advertisers would invest their money on other radio shows, television shows, online media and print media rather than invest in the Kyle and Jackie O morning show. They're both below par, as they proved to be when they hosted Big Brother 2008.

Kyle, like others, tries to ape US radio jock, Howard Stern, it's quite obvious, but he doesn't have the charisma.


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