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September 19, 2008

The Secret Diary of a Frustrated Television Viewer II

Housemate perched himself in front of the television for his dose of 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl,' and 38160_1 although I had other stuff to do – like play Mario Kart – on my DS, I laughed about the obvious discrepancies that had me roll my eyes.

"As if," I'd say, followed by more, "Sure…that's logical."
"I'm trying to watch this," housemate said.
"Watch what? A fantasy world?"

I mean, really…like I am going to believe that a high earning pro is going to keep piles of money rolled up in a bundle (held in place by a one cent elastic band)? It's a male thing isn't it? The television show is a laugh; there she is, all style but the fashionista lacks a nice wallet or purse for her cash. Then there was the scene where she is called by her agent in the early hours of the morning and she agrees to seeing a stranger (client) in her home, for the client to be a weirdo; how many times can you say 'd'oh'. So they sell the TV character as a sassy, intelligent woman. I don't know what is intelligent about inviting a stranger into your house in the middle of the night. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe that passes for 'assertiveness' these days, along with the revelation (to your male friend) of you being a prostitute, offering to pick up the table bill, flash your roll of cash. The only thing the producers forgot? Inserting the song, "Independent Women" by Destiny's Child for extra cheesiness. But the roll of cash doesn't fit. If the character is organized about their lingerie and Brazilian bikini wax, then logic follows that they'd be more organized with their cash, not keep it rolled up in their handbag with an elastic band. That's where it all falls apart for me in the believable stakes. Why are producers and television writers silly?

Oh, they had a threesome too? Oh yeah, and would you believe that the threesome in the US series Californication was steamier? Many would think, 'as if a US television show would have a threesome, let alone show a boob,' but Californication did. In this week's Secret Diary of a Call Girl, it was the customary 'ooh…ahhh…yeah, yeah yeah,' to and fro of doggy style sex but you couldn't see anything.

To me, this is a show for men (hence the 10.30pm time slot top rating). It's a really strange show that doesn't really add up. You have Billie Piper's character go on about how much she likes sex and how satisfied she is working as a call girl, but she doesn't really look happy at all. It's difficult to say if the producers/writers want to portray the usual 'stricken' prostitute on television, because they're not really portraying a character that is fully comfortable with her profession.


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