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September 19, 2008

Today's Blog Read: Psychotic Fiesta

I'm quite erratic with regular updates or blog segments. I start a segment, go off on a tangent, remember the segment, and think...ahhh...okay. But today, doing the web surf, Friday and all (waiting for the frigging treadmill to be delivered) and psyching myself up for a visit to my GP for a prescription update (to be asked why I didn't visit el Shrinko, "because I'm over it?"), I read Psychotic Fiesta by Bobby and it's a compulsive read. I'm not going to say anything more. You have to read it.

Psychotic Fiesta


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Not related to this post, but in my entire life, I don't think I have ever encountered anyone who is as honest as you. I am blown away!

Thanks Ana!!! As you know, writing is often a thankless job. It is so absolutely wonderful to be appreciated:)

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