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September 23, 2008

Type II Sex Addiction

If you ask me, I think phone sex has been around ever since the phone entered our world. The exception between then and now is that phone sex wasn’t considered a commercial interest back then. Today, it’s a different story; you can’t watch late night television without being hounded by pseudo porno-star style babes asking you to call them.

Far be it from me to poo-poo phone sex; if people can afford it, go for it, but there is a line between moderation and absurdity. When phone sex becomes a full substitute for sex, I can only think about the lack of imagination. What can be said about a 22 year old man who racked up a hefty phone bill of seven thousand Euros for phone sex in a hotel? 22 years old. It’s not the amount that’s the issue but the time factor:

27 hours on the phone having phone sex.

Anthony makes out like he’s some virile freak; he ‘just kept going’ but I’m willing to bet that he wanked, ejaculated, told the girl to hang on a little bit before continuing and she thought ‘shit yes, this is going to cost him an arm, leg and the equivalent of a penile implant.’

The mini survey I undertook at home produced one unanimous response:

“What kind of people are these people?”

All talk and no action; twenty seven hours on the telephone, in a hotel room no less. It would have been cheaper to hire an escort for some physical action. The hotel is coming under fire now, for not limiting telephone usage. Is it the hotel’s fault? Not really. When you hand over your credit card for security, you take full responsibility.

Years ago or when sex addiction entered the world as an official addiction (circa the Eighties and Nineties), sex addicts were people that were addicted to real sex (with real people in a real setting); this was before the widespread use of the Internet. However, there is a new or subtype that is addicted to sex, and the sex is usually online or virtual/simulated sex. The recent revelation from actor David Duchovny relates to Internet porn. His sex addiction isn’t related to him seeing other woman but a rising addiction to porn on the web. Is it sex addiction or is it Internet addiction? It’s not like people are actually having sex in these circumstances.

When a person has a 27 hour phone sex session that is obviously more than a day; irrespective of all the ‘open mindedness’ about sex in contemporary times, that amount of time is problematic.


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Addictions come in all shapes and sizes. I don't understand it, but I don't have an addictive personality. For those who do, I think we all need to have some compassion ... and thank our lucky stars (or our genes).

1. Phone sex
2. Penile implant
3. $11000 Hotel Bill

The list of things I haven't done just keeps getting longer.
I'd better hurry up!!

Eeks, that sounds sleazy and desperate and terribly unimaginative. And pathetic.

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