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September 19, 2008

When People Give Away Privacy Rights Without Realizing

Privacy. What does it really mean today? Not much. I can't say I'd feel sorry for people who whine about losing privacy but enjoy hacking into accounts, or media organizations that publish private correspondence to gain traffic.

There are many people that complain about governments interfering with privacy, but it's funny how people that defend the content on sites like Gawker don't really consider non-government interference. Incidentally, I read about Palin's email leak in a newspaper that didn't feature any email screenshots but when I read about the publication of some emails, I didn't believe it, so I had a look at the site that was named (Gawker) and had a look for myself, finding it quite incredible or unbelievable. I couldn't be bothered reading the content or the faux article/blog post.


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The entire Gawker setup is shit and composed by hacks and is aimed at the lowest common denominator. I started reading Jezebel, found that to be trite, superficial and utter rubbish. Gawker is the same. Defamer is rubbish. Fleshbot makes me feel like I need five showers a day, they got the pure filth right, but they ought to add ‘trailer trash’ to the description. There is nil integrity behind Gawker media.

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