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May 15, 2008

The Aussie Media Shame File

Australian media personalities are a funny breed. They are quite unlike their overseas counterparts, who do (even if it is thin) have a line they do not cross. One of those lines is family. Many news broadcasters slam celebrities for everything. From fashion to relationship choices, celebrities are evaluated or parodied, but when the parody includes parents, social groups or community incentives, it gets ugly.

One of my favorite media controversies involved John Laws and his opinion on Carson Kressley. It created a shit storm in 2004, and Laws’ attitude was quite unnecessary. Laws needed a reality injection because many viewers would prefer to watch Kressley on television, and while Laws has faded from the scene, Kressley has gone from strength to strength, and his achievement isn’t based on his sexuality. It’s based on the enthusiasm he emanates. Sure, he can be over the top, but don’t we have enough depressing things on television, with the news and dismal Budget updates? John Laws may be known as the Golden larynx or whatever he is, but housemate has interesting stories about Laws after the many years in exclusive restaurants, and his view isn't PC or polite, but it translates to, "Laws isn't a nice person."

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