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July 15, 2008

It's Time to Go...Big Brother

It had to go sooner or later. Network Ten has finally given Big Brother the heave-ho and despite recent reports about the new hosts (Kyle and Jackie O) and their contribution to present ratings, the fact is that ratings have steadily declined over the last three years and a large percentage of selected Big Brother contestants didn't reflect the average population, with one out of three female candidates immediately going on to topless modeling. In fact, Big Brother can be considered a boob cattle call. This year, two former housemates – Rebecca and Rhianna – appeared in Zoo Weekly within a fortnight of their eviction. The only non Zoo Weekly candidate is Terri, the token nana. Brigitte was the token blonde and Bianca's breast size rivaled Pamela Anderson's (I was disappointed when Bianca was evicted before Pamela's entry because I wanted to see a boob comparison – I'm sure Bianca would have out-boobed Pamela).

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July 04, 2008

"Dinky Di" Sex Talk

If you watched the clip below you would be fooled into thinking that all Aussies talked about sex in the same manner (inflection, accent, etc). We don't, but watching this clip made me cringe because a proportion do speak like the Big Brother troopers.

June 17, 2008

The National Handjob - Big Brother 2008

I gaped in wonder (and repulsion) as I watched Big Mouth tonight. It was time for another 'adult' Big Brother 2008 weekly update, and this week's evictee - Rhianna - was on the show and what can I say or what would I say to her?

In the two weeks she has been in the house, she has mentioned relationship difficulty in the real world. According to Rhianna, her relationships don't last the fortnight and this week, or last night, I figured it out. Jumping on anyone's bones in record time doesn't say much about long-term relationship potential. Sure, quick sex can be good, and it can work for short-term but people (those who are looking for long-term relationships) don't take quick 'workers' seriously. 

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