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August 02, 2008

Female Fondlers Lead to Male Injury & Compensation Payout

Australia is slowly evolving into a litigious nation if a recent case involving a nude statue and a cut digit are anything to go by.
Apparently the female students at St George TAFE couldn't resist fondling the genitals on a male sculpture.They gave in to their curiosity, and the statue moved over time. In a shift that would boggle Uri Geller's mind:

"Over two days of evidence, the District Court heard that excessive fondling of the statue's genitalia by female students resulted in it being moved from the hallway outside the ladies' bathroom to a less tempting location outside the men's."

A male student was awarded a financial payout based on the statue's movements and female groping. The microsurgical aspects may not be fun, but it can only make a person wonder what on earth was going on if students noticed the statue if it moved from the ladies to the men's (as a result of eager female gropes). Why didn't the students report the 'move', if it was a hindrance? Has common sense left the twentysomething adultescent age or as housemate would say, 'what the fuck is wrong with Generation Y,don't they have common sense?'
In most workplaces, health and safety standards require employees to report something that may be considered unsafe, but this rule or expectation isn't applied to educational institutions. In this case, it appears that students don't consider the safety issues, even if they're staring them in the face.  Then again, wtf is a statue doing in a hallway?


July 31, 2008

What is Worse: Blowjob or Deficit?

This has been the question on my mind today, if only for the irony. Don't hate me for thinking blowjobs when I think of Bill Clinton. It's the first thing I think about, followed by, "I wish he didn't say what he did," because he's notorious for the humble blow job, but as of this morning's news, and the fact that the US will have a deficit exceeding $600 billion dollars, it made the blow job pale in comparison and it will be the very thing that George W Bush will be known for: the president who served during a period that created the highest deficit in US history and it's quite staggering really. Six hundred billion dollars plus - not what can be called good financial management.

The above thoughts were followed by other weird thoughts such as, how to recoup the cost of war but increase oil prices (that will increase the price of food, etc)? I thought of it in Australian terms. The simplest item, that goes up in price, also results in an increased goods and services tax (or V.A.T. for UK visitors to this blog) for the federal government. Instead of racking up a dollar GST for toilet paper, it is -let's say - two dollars. I personally don't believe there is a food shortage in the world, not in nations that are currently experiencing high obesity rates.

It just goes to show, it's better to be a former president with a sex scandal than be a serving president that will be attached to a mind blowing deficit.

July 29, 2008

How Do You Promote Condoms?

It's a simple question, one that prompts the other question: how many mediocre office drones does it take to create a silly campaign?
Lifestyle Condoms has - apparently - come up with a smashing idea of having Miley Cyrus on its condom campaigns. What is wrong with this picture? She's pretty and perky, a known celebrity, but here's the rub (no pun intended): she's a self proclaimed virgin.
Is it just me or is it silly to have virgins promoting condoms? I can imagine the script:
"When the time is right, I'll choose Lifestyle condoms," followed by a sunny smile and a shy wink.

July 24, 2008

Creepy Protesters & 'Anonymity'

If anonymous is ‘no one’ then no one may be considered to be any thing significant. This freakish YouTube video outlines ‘Anonymous,’ yet another protest group that is currently planning on protesting against Scientology HQ in Sydney. The idea of being faceless and effective seems to be this groups war cry but I don’t really understand how being faceless produces results. It produces fear because people immediately fear things they cannot see. The other part of me attaches gutlessness to complete facelessness. When protesters in the Sixties had sit ins in college campuses, as they fought against racism, they didn’t wear masks and their protest wasn’t ignored, so what does ‘Anonymous’ think it will really achieve by being completely anonymous. I suppose the foremost reason behind such anonymity - in relation to Scientology - relates to the cult’s wealth and how this can have seemingly negative consequences for the protesters.

I don't know if this 'Anonymous' group has other causes they protest about. Do they protest about medical services? Do they protest about violence against women? Do they protest about the current state of oil prices? I guess the other issues are too difficult, so Scientology is easier to handle (especially when anonymous).

If Australia was as litigious as the United States, I'm sure that many could sue this group for anxiety based on the fearsome image they create while wearing those masks. I don't doubt the fear factor and how scared young children would be if they saw these people in their white masks. What could such a lawsuit do? It could alter laws, and such laws may require protest licenses, preventing protesters from using masked anonymity (The Anonymous group is really creative or creative that they couldn't create their own symbol- their symbol is taken straight from the comic/ film V for Vendetta). I don't think these gimicky protest groups really think their actions through and they feel comfortable enough to sleep at night ignoring their infantile getup or how that getup could possibly (visually) traumatize children or babies for that matter. Then again, what do they care? They're probably a bunch of childless Internet geeks.

This YouTube video has a cult-ish tone, and is just as creepy as Scientology.

July 20, 2008

Insuring Private Bits?

Heidi Klum isn't a professional dancer or athlete. She struts the catwalk, and maybe – just maybe – five-inch heels (and above) are really dangerous to justify the million dollars plus insurance for her legs. In fact, one leg is cheaper than the other due to a teeny scar (ahh, what a superficial world we live in!). Fortunately women don't have to shave their legs anymore. Imagine if models, like Klum, had to shave their legs and nick them on occasion? The tragedy of it all, but even so, I can just imagine the paperwork and investigation should anything go wrong. Imagine if you break a bone during sex (if that's possible, then again you can be sexing it up on a swing, for the bolt to come out and break a hip. Anything is possible) and the insurance investigator asks those tricky questions, to decline the payout?

So it was with the above –absurdity- in mind that my mind raced to the next question:

Do porn actors insure their private parts and if they don't, should they?

Porn star insurance would be more complicated:

"It states here, on your claim, that you developed a rash. Your medical documentation indicates that you are fit and that the condition was temporary."
"But I've been out of work for months. The rash comes and goes."
"It says here that you've tested negative for Herpes."
"Is there something you're not telling us?"

and it goes on. If a male porn actor had a tattoo on their donger, would it lower the insurance policy value? I can't help but wonder...

I don't understand the big deal about alleged aliens, alien abductions and the entire Roswell fake autopsy.

There are aliens on this earth and they're commonly known as celebrities. Models insuring their legs for millions of dollars. What next? Will they insure their feet in case they develop bunions from designer heels? What about insuring scalps against bad hair weaves/hair extensions? Insuring skin for zits? Imagine if sex workers insured their hands and private parts? Imagine the premiums. Anything is possible.

July 19, 2008

When Divorces Go Online

Modern love is grand. It's freaking fantastic and today's examples of relationship breakups are so inspirational; you feel like freshening up, dusting yourself off and putting yourself back in the game, right?

As if…

If there is anything out there on the web that confirms the death of chivalry, then Gary Dean's website is it.  Then again, we're living in the world of the live online forum. There is the blog, YouTube and Facebook; have a crap relationship? Write about it. Pissed off with the partner? Go ahead. Is it too controversial to say that the Internet contains some of the worst manners?

Gary Dean created his website to state his case; like a divorce heard in a High Court isn't enough? Like a judge isn't enough? You divorce, and move on, or you'd think so but future divorces may be followed up with web pages with each former spouse retelling their side of the story. Gary, the only reason I got so far as I got is because I came upon an article in an online newspaper, and thought, 'no way, this has to be a joke, right?' Wrong. It's not a joke, Gary Dean has set up a website following his divorce to 'set the record' straight.

Years ago, people were concerned about the divorce rate. Now, people ought to be more concerned about the possibility of having their former spouses putting it all on a blog or a web site. Is nothing really sacred? Don't people spare a few thoughts for third parties that may – just may – be embarrassed about their mother or father writing about their divorces on the web? But not only this, the idea of having a relationship with a person that uses the web to clarify certain relationships is absurd. Really, would anyone have a relationship with a person who creates a web page to discuss their recent divorce? That's is the tricky catch 22 with the web (blogging, social networks, etc). It's tricky for bloggers. It's tricky for anyone who decides to put certain things out there because there is that invisible line, and once it is crossed, it is too late or it may alter the everyday dynamics. For example, man or woman, a person documenting every aspect of their relationships/encounters also indicates that they have the potential of documenting future relationships and if you're the person involved with the diarist, find out about the online sex documentary, then there is a high chance you'd be left with plenty of food for thought. Do you go further, with full knowledge that you may be written about in the future (should the relationship not work out) and without your consent or do you end the relationship?

I don't know what else to say except Gary Dean's gesture proves one thing:

Money cannot buy class.

Is it just me or are modern relationships simply bizarre to negotiate?

July 17, 2008

More Controversial Nudity: Giselle Bundchen

Vmag It is bizarre to think that the cover of V Magazine is the subject of controversy. The controversy relates to Giselle's recent shoot with photographer Mario Testino. My question: what is so controversial about it? She's not even showing her nipples (not that I find nipples a big deal, but it seems that nipples can create an electric storm of angst among conservatives).

The images were shot in April, and Giselle's view of Testino's photography (that she has defended):

"He was the first photographer that shot me when I started ... People are going to say my butt is showing too much in these but, Im sorry, my butt showed more in Victoria's Secret. For seven years my butt was in every catalogue."

If you want to see the full gallery of Testino shots for V Magazine, click this link here and enter Giselle heaven. Where is the controversy? Is she going to take her body with her when she reaches her twilight years? If you've got it, flaunt it, and in Giselle's case - earn a motza out of it. Why not?

July 15, 2008

On Miss Universe...

Miss_universe I was flicking through channels last night and stopped on Network Seven to see the last fifteen minutes of the Miss Universe pageant - in time to cringe as Rachel Smith tripped over her dress (pretty, but impractical dress). Now I may be hard up or fussy, but I don't think Miss Venezuela's answer to THE FINAL QUESTION, was the most intelligent answer, but is the pageant about intelligence? The one contender who had an intelligent answer (to Jennifer Hawkins' silly question about regrets) missed out. What gives? The memory of spending some of my time as a little girl being thrilled by this pageant seems like a century ago. But I did watch it as a child, eager to see dresses and costumes. Women tend to have more plastic surgery now for me to even appreciate the 'beauty' aspect of contemporary pageants.

Although I'm a skeptic on anything extra terrestrial, I do hope that there is life found on other planets because it would add extra oomph to Miss Universe pageants, this, and they may be able to find intelligent life on other planets, because if Miss Venezuela's answer was considered intelligent, I'm Einstein - and I'm nowhere near. That's enough bitchiness from me, but really, what is the purpose of beauty pageants in this era? One can tell, it is quite obvious, that all contestants aren't natural beauties with all the work they've had done - perfect teeth, straight noses and boob jobs. It shouldn't be called Miss Universe but Miss Artifice.

The beauty is striking but it's a form of grotesque external beauty. And what was the deal with having Mel B as a co-host?

July 14, 2008

Nude Chickie PETA Protest & Arrests

I don't get the big fuss over nipples. When Janet Jackson's tit was 'accidentally' revealed during the Superbowl, a nation went into apoplexy over it, and the additional nipple décor added more hoopla.

Peta_wideweb__470x3120 In Sydney today, three women protested against KFC by huddling in a cage outside KFC on the corner of George and Bathurst Streets. Yes, it's the continuation of the Pamela Anderson Lee mission. I'm betting Pammy could have been in Sydney fully clothed and people would have stopped in their tracks. The three semi-nude women had, wait for it, their nipples taped. What sort of protest is that? Why not go all the way, nipples and all? How –pardon the pun- chicken is that?

The city has higher police presence with World Youth Day. Most travel routes have been redirected, slightly increasing the wait for public transport (as I found out this morning), but all in all, it is relatively serene. WYD pilgrims are noticeable due to their colorful clothing and WYD labeled attire. I suppose it makes it easier for them to recognize each other, but this protest is the first protest to occur at a time where police powers have been increased.

The three protesters were arrested:

"However, a police spokesman said the arrest was due to offensive behavior, an offense that existed prior to the new laws.
The three women, wearing only underwear and some tape to cover their nipples, were protesting inside a cage outside the KFC restaurant on George Street, at the corner of Bathurst Street.
They had a banner that read: "Chicks agree, boycott KFC", PETA Asia-Pacific's director Jason Baker said.
Police arrived and arrested the women - aged 20, 22 and 31 - and placed them inside a paddy wagon, Mr Baker said,"One of the officers said: 'We have the new nuisance regulation this week for World Youth Day,' " he said.
"I said: 'Are you serious?' I thought it doesn't start until tomorrow, and was [being challenged in court] anyway."

According to recent reports about the PETA protest, or half the reason why Pamela Anderson Lee came to, Australia (the other half related to her half a million dollar fee for appearing on Big Brother – whose main sponsor is KFC. Irony upon irony, or is that hypocrisy? It's like the time Pammy 'didn't know' her ugg boots were made from sheepskin), related to humane methods, but here's the sting. KFC doesn't raise the chickens it sells. The chickens are supplied by poultry companies like Ingham, so it makes more sense to protest at the source –but that wouldn't get enough media attention. After all, Ingham isn't located in the central business district. And I doubt that this protest would have stopped hungry office workers during the lunch rush.

It really raises questions about other things, like why women need to be publicly naked to protest an issue. I don’t get that but many PETA protest feature nudity on a regular basis, and it always tends to be female nudity, so can one safely say that such protests are equally (if not, absurdly) exploitative? As for the nipple taping: what is the point? What is a band aid supposed to cover when you're sitting in a cage in your undies?

My theory on the reason behind the swift arrests? The thousands of pilgrims in Sydney. It's that simple.

As for these chickies protesting about chickens? It's funny how they don't protest about bees or the way bees are kept to produce a commercial product, or the dwindling bee populations in some regions of the world. If bees were extinct, then every aspect of vegetation (eg pollination) would be affected. Are bees more significant than chickens? You betcha.

Meanwhile in Darfur...

Image: SMH

July 10, 2008

Gay Raelians Attack

The Raelians are odd as it is. If the earth was created by aliens then why aren't there any alien-like fossils on this earth? It could be possible that the things we take for granted or as earthly beings (dinosaurs, etc) may be alien. Whatever...but the Raelians are still a cult and now the lesbian Raelians are taking on The Pope.

Pope Benedict will be in Australia soon for World Youth Day and the glam-lez Raelians decided to protest at Parliament House. There's nothing wrong with protesting about sexuality and repression but the Raelians are also taking the opportunity to advertise their religion. What are they really protesting about? Is it a protest or cult marketing?

Raelians are deceptive. They lied to the world a few years ago, saying they created the first human clone, defending their scientific methods - but wouldn't make their "findings" or clone public knowledge. In other words, it didn't happen.

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