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July 24, 2007

The Hand

It’s odd. In my early adulthood, I’d have sex and have the urge to cuddle and spoon. As I edged toward my thirties, and entered this decade, I’d look for the nearest exit after sex and sure enough I can safely say that this is due to the short lifespan of the partnership. Now in my mid thirties, or a year after the mid-way mark, it’s not about snuggling and cuddling, or the nearest exit; I go through moments where I don’t wish to touch any one, let alone have any one touch me. I’d go out at night, in my twenties, looking to score. A done thing. A lifestyle, if you will and it was something I outgrew. There are only so many times a person can wake up the next day thinking, okay this was nice but what about the next day? Don't tell me that I have to date someone else or find someone else now. I can't be arsed. This doesn't include the perrenial post coital insomnia that I experience. I've always loathed it but it's unsafe to knock oneself out with a couple of Valium with a new partner in case they turn out to be a psycho.

I just don’t want to go there. The idea may be nice at the time, and half the time I’ll play around with the idea for it to materialize in the most undesired way; being in mid conversation with a man, whom I’m not romantically attracted to, who I’m not flirting with, for the Hand. Now the Hand gesture is as obvious as camel toe, it’ll casually rest over your hand or brush imaginary lint. Anything, as long as they touch you, and it’s the most obvious sign (especially if it takes place in less than an hour after the formal meet and greet) that the owner of the Hand wants to do a lot more with their Hand(s).

It can be freaky.

It unfolded over the weekend, and I thought ‘well fuck; now you’ve ruined the conversation because now I know you want to do stuff. Stuff I am not interested in doing with you.’

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