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May 30, 2008

On Karma II or Karma by Dior

Sharon Stone singlehandedly made Karma into a bad word this week, and has now issued a (half arsed) apology via, Christian Dior - apologizing for her comments.

"Due to my inappropriate words and acts during the interview, I feel deeply sorry and sad about hurting Chinese people," the actress, 50, said in the statement. "I am willing to take part in the relief work of China's earthquake, and wholly devote myself to helping affected Chinese people."

She was pretty happy and quite up herself when she said what she said during an interview. Christian Dior has dropped her from its Chinese ad market, but I'm wondering why they don't drop her altogether. Gong_li It's not as though she has a rapport with women. She comes off haughty in every image (publicity or other), and there is no real joie de vivre in her eyes.

There are other actresses the same age as Sharon, to take over the Dior Capture Totale campaign, such as Kim Cattrall. But I don't get why they'd have Sharon Stone advertising Christian Dior in the Asian market. She is uber blonde and blue eyed. It's like advertising an adult version of Barbie to women who cannot identify with Barbie. Why can't they have Kim Cattrall for the western market, and Gong Li for the Hong Kong/Chinese/Asian market? I don't understand why a company would have Sharon Stone representing the Asian market in ad campaigns when there are so many Asian actresses and media personalities who are more appealing.

Can Dior's actions (dropping Stone) be considered karma? ;)

May 29, 2008

On Karma

I've always suspected that the word karma was used by intellectually challenged people who have difficulty grasping many things (including self-acceptance, taking responsibility for one's actions, accepting the chaotic aspect of life, scientific development and progress, etc).

Karma, the concept or notion, is the modern day equivalent of phrenology, with one difference and that difference being that the former proposes some metaphysical origin of causation and the latter being pseudo-science. The only similarity between the concept of karma and phrenology is one: they're bullshit.

And no one has proven the bullshit that is (the concept of karma) better - this week - than Sharon Stone. Mind, she hasn't said anything about Burma, so her theory is warped and nonsensical. Karma, Shmarma. The concept of karma is for people who cannot handle that life can be a bitch, that things don't always go to plan and that no, just because you may dream it sometimes, doesn't mean you will be 'it' if you're sitting on your arse doing jackshit about 'it'.

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