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August 14, 2008

Faking it for Flawlessness?

Yang There I was lauding the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony.What is worse? Faking an orgasm or faking some parts of an Olympic Ceremony? While some may say that faking the former is heinous, I'm not so sure. Sometimes sex doesn't go too smoothly (shit day at work, rushed 'out the door' sex, etc), but an Olympic Opening Ceremony? Something that is planned well in advance and relies on technology, choreography and practice? Sex requires practice, technology (sometimes or depending on your mood) and choreography, but you don't fake (real) pyrotechnics and vocals (dubbing) during sex. You can't.

And before you can say 'complex', the Chinese Politburo have possibly gone and given a little girl a complex for one stupid reason, that I bet most of the world would disagree with - 'she wasn't cute enough.'

The real voice behind the little girl in red at the Opening Ceremony belongs to Yang Peiyi and according to one official, the reason for the 'deception' relates to national interest. I can't stand those two words: national interest. Why? Because no politician usually consults citizens prior to making some idiotic decision, and then the same excuse is given. It's like living with your parents. "For the national interest" may as well be translated to, "we know better!''

"The reason was for the national interest. The child on camera should be flawless in image, internal feelings, and expression. Lin Miaoke is excellent in those aspects, but in the aspect of voice, Yang Peiyi is flawless, in each member of our team's view."

The Flawless image wins once again. What is flawless? Is there such a thing as a physically flawless human being? I personally view the above excuse or reason as something that would belong in a Eugenics manual.

The person who posted Yang's image on an official Chinese forum says it best:

"Every child, when he or she comes into the world, is hand-led by God. There is no ugly child."

Incidentally, the rise of cosmetic surgery in China is no surprise, with the official 'attitudes' that tend to creep into the social conscious, as indicated by a newspaper competition in 2007. Women seeking plastic surgery in China don't do it because they're actresses or seek to enter the film industry, some of them do it to succeed within normal/conventional careers.

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