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August 28, 2008

Lift and Separate....Your Ass...

Ass_bra It sounds pornographic when you say, ‘lift and separate your ass,’ out loud doesn’t it? But I’m not referring to porn here; if you’re disappointed by that, then you’re free to depart, and take your sulky expression with you.

The ass bra is here. Yes. The ass bra. Bras are meant to lift and separate boobs, and now there is a butt bra that promises to do the same thing. I don’t find the engineering that revolutionary; it is a girdle with the ass cheeks cut out. What a fashion nightmare. Imagine wearing this contraption beneath jeans? Why do women accept these developments within fashion, I’ll never know, but they’re accepted and they’re often given great reviews by online fashion sites. Yeah, women are buying these things. This thing makes Bridget Jones' granny undies look sexy - if that was possible, but it's possible now. I mean, look at the thing on the left will you? Girdles are unsexy; they're a pain in the butt during intimate moments.

This ass bra reminds me of the jeans in the Ryan O’Neal film So Fine.

This goes out to all the women buying these girdles: Ladies, learn to live and love your butt - without the weird girdle.

July 18, 2008

There is Fashion, and There is Jodie Marsh


I created a new category: fashion nightmares. This faux Barbarella-trash outfit has eye popping detail, huh? The Daily Mail said:

There’s mutton dressed as lamb and there’s… well, there’s Jodie Marsh.  The glamour model was snapped leaving a Big Brother bash in

Mayfair last night – wearing a bizarre silver and black spandex outfit.

With her surgically enhanced chest erupting from a plunging silver top and the rest of her figure encased in a snug pair of black leggings, the 29-year-old cut a memorable figure. 

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