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April 12, 2007


Pornnovel I was reading about this new innovation, the virtual boyfriend (or girlfriend, it all depends on what you desire) or as virtual as the word Tamagochi implies. Is it for people who have had enough online dating? Does it provide a relationship run-through before you get railroaded?

It works in the same way as the original Tamagotchi, except that you have to keep your partner happy and you do this by taking them out, giving them compliments, being sexually inventive and so on. Doing this gives you points, and the more points you accumulate, the more chance of the relationship surviving.

The idea of a bona fide virtual partner isn’t new. An older article from 2005 (New York Times) discussed the merits of a virtual partner - at length, I may add - and it’s quite scary considering a person is highly likely to come across a person with a crap general knowledge of the world. There are many instances where one is on a date and one is faced with a partner who is devoid of a large chunk of general knowledge. Vivienne, the virtual character in the NY Times article, can converse on 35,000 topics, everything from philosophy to sculpture. It is scary because the chances of dating someone like that are quite low.

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March 17, 2007


It didn’t take long for him to ask, let alone make the move; the dimmed pub, and its veteran patrons continued shooting pool while they shot the daily shit.

“Don’t you like the sound of balls cracking?” I said.

“What?” he leaned over, continued cradling his beer, “Thought I heard incorrectly…”

His lips slowly opened, revealing teeth that could be paid a separate income.

And now, in an improved flavor…

This thought coincided with another, that of his tongue taking a swipe at mine, and the little train that possibly could, derailed a few moments after nine, after our fourth round of beers. The question of his taste lingered on my fervid taste buds.

“I wanna to be your bitch,” he said, ringing the glass rim with his index finger. It brought to mind Iggy Pop, ‘ah-ah wannaaaaaaa be your dawg!’ and the six foot something dear next to me didn’t resemble Iggy with his shiny black locks, and clear olive complexion.

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