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August 26, 2008

How to Be Hated and Despised: Glass Your Girlfriend (or anyone)

When smoking was banned in bars and pubs, the smoke Nazis anti-smoking crusaders thought they chalked up a victory, but life isn't like that. The increase of glass attacks in bars is difficult to ignore. It seems as though glass has become a weapon of choice, with many seeking a ban on glass in bars, pubs and most watering holes in Sydney. As though pub/bar violence isn't vicious enough, glassing takes viciousness to a new level; many victims are left scarred for life or lose their sight.

The talk of Sydney's sports arena currently revolves around the most recent controversy surrounding a NRL player; the NRL averages two major scandals a year, and then there are the minor headaches, 'rumors' of players becoming violent after hours, some hitting women, it's quite deplorable.

Greg Bird was freed on bail after allegedly glassing his girlfriend, New Yorker Katie Milligan, who is undergoing surgery to save her eye. This NRL buffoon even tried to get his friend to take the blame. He has since been stood down from his team. Hopefully, he'll be removed from his team and banned for life.

Update: Decrease your popularity rating by breaching an apprehended violence order.

August 22, 2008

How to Be Hated & Despised: The Television Poppet Judge

I thought of creating a new section to add to my other sections, as for whether I'll regularly update them, it's a guess at this point but I thought I'd kick start it with something I read today, that had me cackling. Now there's no need for me to go into why I think it amusing for Danni Minogue to judge 'talent'.

This post can have a dual classification, the second being: how to make your life more difficult.

Danni Minogue needed a bodyguard after upsetting a contestant's family on the UK's X Factor.

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