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April 09, 2008

The Honeymoon Splurge - Dubai

I have never known anyone who has stayed at the ultimate honeymoon destination. Sure they've done Bali, Noosa or Fiji, but nothing that has stepped outside the comfort zone or budget zone (people spend more money feeding annoying relatives and strangers at wedding receptions than what they spend on their honeymoons), and I'd never get it. It happened at work one time. Newlywed co-worker returned from her honeymoon and happened to have a two day stay in Dubai. I was quite excited.
"Did you stay at that hotel?" I asked, eager to find out what it's really like to stay at the Burj al Arab.
"Which hotel?"
Deluxe I'd forgotten the name. It was the tip-of-the-tongue moment.
"The one that looks like a huge sail."
"Ohhhh...nahhh...costs too much."
"Not for one night. Did you go for tea at least?" Frankly, I have never seen more unadventurous people in my life than I have seen in two years working in telecommunications. It makes me shiver just to think about it.
"We spent money on the wedding reception...and the dresses...and the bridesmaid dresses...."
In other words, more than ten thousand dollars was spent on a wedding reception with how many relatives, a few thousand on the dresses, and the usual things, including kitschy bonboniere.
"It's only two grand a night at that hotel," I huffed, and later I thought, go on listen to yourself Ana, but I couldn't shake it. I am a honeymoon snob and even though I'm not maritally obsessed, there is a little ditty in my head that goes like this: why spent thousands on relatives to eat, sit and get pissed drunk, when I can stay in a 7 star hotel and live out a grand fantasy for two days? After all, it's the one special day, is it not? 

Small garden wedding, marriage celebrant, and quick finger food, and it's done.Hydropolis

If people think the Burj Al Arab hotel is picturesque and opulent, then be prepared for Hydropolis. It is like Atlantis, and the first underwater hotel in the world. It is currently being developed, and has an estimated completion year of 2009 after some delays. This hotel is so 21st Century, that I'm thinking that many a celebrity will book a stay. It is also going to have a plastic surgery clinic.

Dubai is one of the upcoming economic centers of this world. Its geographical transformation within the last decade, has been nothing short of amazing. Looking at before and after photographs attests to the wealth and ingenuity behind this development in such a short period of time, and I've added it to one of my destination wishlist.

Any visitors to this page who have been to Burj al Arab can feel free to leave comments to make me really, and I mean really, jealous! :)

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