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August 28, 2007

Levator Palpebrae Superioris

Tonight presented a beautiful lunar eclipse, or a blood moon. I watched it from the balcony, wishing I owned a telescope (or a Canon EOS), and at the same time I was caught by the horror muse. Below is a quick story, or quick in the making; a product of the moment.

PS: It's definitely fiction.

Levator Palpebrae Superioris

It rose steadily throughout the day, hidden behind the vivid blue layers of sky, and I didn’t cotton on until much later. I met the day, awoke coated in dampness that I couldn’t link to sexual arousal; quite the contrary.

I faced two policemen, and my arms…


Dreams are shreds of subconscious code, dancing from one neuron to the next, one synapse to the other, exploding to offer panoramic views, and emotional spikes that mirror everyday reality. I found myself in a predicament, and as for the origin, I can’t define it much except to say that someone, using an empty nib or needle, decided to write two essays; one on each arm. I became the observer and participant; my arms, covered with lines of cursive strokes, bled profusely. The only things I can recall are the two cops and the blood; vermilion. First stage bleeding; coagulation would arrive much later, but I awoke, gasping for air.

I couldn’t read the bleeding words that were etched on my arms. It was very much like having a tattoo without any ink, the profuse bleeding a product of alcoholic overload; I didn’t drink, not in the dream.

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