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June 04, 2008

So Bitchy, it's Camp

I hadn’t heard of Sam Sparro until I read a recent article about him slagging off Madonna - probably for beating him to the number one slot in the UK.

When men do ‘bitchy’ they often come across as being ultra camp, crude and a tad insecure.

Madonna was wowing the world, and appearing in global music charts when this guy was shitting in his diaper. She wasn't in the number one slot all the time, but she didn't bitch about those who were. Perhaps I’m biased; I don’t like bitchy men and I'm not a big fan of a small portion of gay men (such as Sparro) slagging off women: women brought them into this world and if the day does arise, and men give birth, then they can go ahead and bitch, but until then they ought to shut their trap. It makes one wonder what Sparro would say about Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston, being ‘too old.’

Sparro is still considered a newcomer, and there are a few newcomers who have attitude problems.

In his interview in UK’s Attitude magazine, he called Madonna vulgar. Me, I can think of other vulgar things, like being an electro-crooner. I’d prefer listening to Frank Sinatra.

He apparently went on and on about Madonna having plastic surgery, and said (to an invisible Madonna/the magazine interviewer), "Madonna is wretched at the moment - absolutely vulgar. Put it away. You're not young and sexy any more." The thing with music is that a band or singer don't have to be 'young and sexy' to reach a wide audience. The legendary (recently deceased) Bo Diddley wasn't a metrosexual pretty boy, and he didn't have to be a pretty boy to have hits, and be respected in the music industry.

It's interesting how many musicians have slagged off Madonna, and yet Madonna remains silent. She isn't known to slag off other musicians, bands or vocalists in media interviews. Maybe that is why she has had a long career and reaped many rewards.

It will be interesting to see how long petulant prat Sam Sparro lasts. Will he eclipse Madonna's twenty-five year career? I don't know what is more embarrassing: him being Australian or a bitchy male.

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