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August 04, 2008

Jess Origliasso, Fleshbot & Exploitation

When are relationships different? When you're a public figure, that's when. The term 'public interest' is bandied about all the time, many publications and web sites hide behind this term to defend the salient trash they publish, but is invasion of privacy a public interest when private details – that concern no one but the parties involved – become public knowledge?

Warner Music is considering legal action against one former paramour who sold intimate photographs of Jess Origliasso (The Veronicas). It will be interesting to see if such legal action will include web sites and/or magazines. The photographs have been splashed across Fleshbot (it amazes me how some US web sites think Australia is in the boonies; like we aren't aware of anything at all – d'oh), and have been sold to two Australian gossip publications.  The Fleshbot entry begins thus (and quite incorrect because the photographs are three years old):

"You'd think that Aussie pop starlet Jess Origliasso would have learned a lesson from her fellow teen sensation Vanessa Hudgens ... but she didn't."

According to the person who posted this article on Fleshbot (Lux Nightmare), the images came from Flynet Pictures.

Tall Poppy Syndrome is alive and well just about everywhere. It doesn't matter if a person is a minor or major celebrity, or a Nobel Laureate. There is no integrity or respect, and people shouldn't expect this to be the case, not in the era of mass information (overload). If there is a female body to exploit, it will be exploited - no questions asked.

What does one do? I doubt that Jess could have predicted her fame three years ago, when the pictures were taken, but the contemporary trend of photographing intimate moments tends to mar decision-making. It isn't her fault, to trust a former partner at the time. It happens, and like everything, it becomes a life lesson. As for the asshole who sold the images, one can see why he is her 'ex' – he's a limp dick desperado, looking for an easy buck. Sometimes the best one can do is learn from examples: If you're planning a huge career, don't take intimate photographs. It's extreme but better safe than sorry.

As for the chasm between pro-porn feminists and anti-porn feminists, this minor example in Fleshbot indicates that there is no definite bridge between feminism and adult imagery; Fleshbot didn't specificially request Jess Origliasso's permission. That can be viewed as non-consent, and unfortunately a lot of porn or adult sites don't proclaim to have any integrity, and if they don't have any integrity, then how sex 'positive' are they? I somehow don't see how the Fleshbot post view justifies the publication of the images. The 'you took the images, and they resurfaced, so it's your fault' is insufficient to justify publication.

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