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July 07, 2007

The Self

Thought I'd take the Id out for a walk, only for a few minutes, thanks to Bobby who tagged me for the self interview meme. The imaginary blog interview originates here. So here goes:

Id: It’s Saturday, and you’ve managed to wake up late (again). What’s the first thing on the agenda today?

Me: Coffee.

Id: Okay, let’s get the ball rolling shall we? How many times do you think about sex during the course of the day?

Me: Umm, not that many. I think of coffee more, and then there's writing, which I won't go into.

Id: Coffee? You’re embarrassing me now. That's not true, you think about sex, I could go on. What about that guy's cute butt, and how you yearned for him to wear tighter pants?

Me: Do you realise how difficult it is finding the perfect coffee each morning? I can't determine what a bloke will wear; he likes those loose fit jeans. Why any man likes that crap is beyond me.

Id: Okay back to sex?

Me: Who’s talking about sex? I’m talking about coffee, you had to add the cute guy's butt. You can't stop yourself, can you?

Id: For the purposes of this blog?

Me: Oh. I only think about sex if I’m writing a sex flavored story. Did I tell you that I finally found a term to categorize my blog?

Id: You’re pulling my leg. But do tell, it can’t get any worse than the coffee, right?

Me: Avant garde, defined as “a work pushes the known boundaries of acceptable art sometimes with revolutionary, cultural, or political implications.”

Id: Is that so?

Me: Yeah, found the definition out there on the web. I haven‘t seen anyone else blend the Dubya factor with masturbation.

Id: Maybe they’re scared? Like their sex clean?

Me: Pah, no such thing as clean sex! More like political correctness. Give me a break, it’s Saturday and it’s so cold, that I’ll freeze my tits off at the local café, even though their sublime coffee blend is torturing me slowly, so looks like I’ll be leaving in a few minutes - hint, hint, hurry the fuck up.

Id: You're not politically correct. Do you think that poses a problem?

Me: I don't know. I haven't had any army invading the confines of my undies, after calling Henry Kissinger a wanker in Greek. Can we get on with it? I'm starving for decent caffeine, here.

Id: I’ll make it quick. Your ideal sort?

Me: If a man was a flower, I’d rather the exotic variety.

Id: Clean skin or tattooed?

Me: I don’t really care, but tattooed gets me off a little more for the pain factor. It’s primitive; if they can withstand that much pain, then they can withstand a lot of things, including my grouchy mornings?

Id: Favorite sex position?

Me: Whatever works.

Id: Thank you for your time, now can you get me a couple of those sticky cinnamon scrolls when you’re getting your coffee?

Me: I’ll think about it.


Me: (shaking my head.) We really need to have a little talk.

Id:(onset of tantrum) Don't you fucking start that bullshit with me.

Me: Will you settle down if I buy you two cinnamon scrolls?

Id: Maybe...(demonic grin), and I may tell you a little tale or two.

Me: Make it three, and it's a deal.

Id: All right. Three, now that that Greek butt moving girl. Get me some sweets!

Me: (bastard!)

Id: I fucking heard that!


Okay, I'm not going to tag all and sundry, but you're interested in interviewing yourself. Go for it!

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