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November 20, 2007

Misogyny & Male Journalism: the Sophie Anderton Expose

There are moments where one can be fed up with the modern day mating ritual. Other priorities may take precedence, or priorities that don’t involve caring for a cock in an emotional sense come out on top, and one may feel like one will only put out if one receives a visible benefit: money, assets, basically something more than being a pussy or trinket for some fucker.

I know I’ve had phases where I’ve felt the above, except I’m no glamor puss model to be paid ten thousand pounds a night. But there have been plenty of times where I've been frustrated with the modern state of things (behaviors, and the like), and I've thought 'fuck this, if you want me to suck your cock, you better pay for it asshole!' Life isn't so simple as a sexually active single female; we are no longer living in the Leave it to Beaver era of innocence, respect or chivalry.

I’ve read the article in one of our Australian newspapers, and found it online. I can’t decide what this is, whether it’s misogynistic, low or a representation of bastardry. What sort of a man would work in a job that is primarily aimed at humiliating women globally? A male journalist for News of the World, that’s who, but what message does this sort of journalism put forth about women?

Okay, prostitution isn’t the perfect occupation, which occupation is? I’m not personally 100% won over by it, but it’s a woman’s decision to make, so why should a woman be secretly filmed and exposed for all the world to see?

The article and footage of Sophie Anderton diminishes the Kate Moss episode, and while it may not diminish One Night in Paris, it’s still makes for uncomfortable viewing because the male turds in each situation are deceptive pricks.

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