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May 29, 2008

On Karma

I've always suspected that the word karma was used by intellectually challenged people who have difficulty grasping many things (including self-acceptance, taking responsibility for one's actions, accepting the chaotic aspect of life, scientific development and progress, etc).

Karma, the concept or notion, is the modern day equivalent of phrenology, with one difference and that difference being that the former proposes some metaphysical origin of causation and the latter being pseudo-science. The only similarity between the concept of karma and phrenology is one: they're bullshit.

And no one has proven the bullshit that is (the concept of karma) better - this week - than Sharon Stone. Mind, she hasn't said anything about Burma, so her theory is warped and nonsensical. Karma, Shmarma. The concept of karma is for people who cannot handle that life can be a bitch, that things don't always go to plan and that no, just because you may dream it sometimes, doesn't mean you will be 'it' if you're sitting on your arse doing jackshit about 'it'.

May 24, 2008

"I Just Say Bend!" or If Psychics and Faith Healers entered the Sex Industry

I love James Randi. He makes many psychics unhappy, and no one has won the million dollar prize that he has set up. My earliest memory of him is as a child, on the now defunct Don Lane Show, that saw variety show host Don Lane explode and leave the set in a huff - unable to accept James Randi's explanations for Uri Geller's 'magical spoon bending.' It was one of those 'omg!' moments on Australian TV. As a child, it was the first TV tantrum I saw. Don saying, "We're going to a commercial break and you can piss off!":

Of course, if the Uri Geller's or Peter Popoff's of this world were spot on, then we wouldn't need Viagra, it would be, "I just say rise. Rise...rise oh marvelous appendage!" or "The Lord told me...smite that flaccid penis...I smite thee penile flaccidity...smite...SMITE...let's make the devil mad. Here it comes....mighty erection...right the Lord!!!!!!!!"

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