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April 04, 2008

For the Person Who Has Everything

I was going to titled this section ‘Puhleaze!’ but it wouldn’t be fair. There are situations in life where you’re caught out and need a unique gift. The golf clubs are passé, toasters are daggy and there is nothing tackier than a gift voucher as a present.

Many years ago, sex toys were garish rubbery things that looked like they belonged in a laboratory. Now we have colors, cute animals (the rabbit clit stimulator, and the butterfly clit stimulator), and streamlining. There are other items that do require a substantial investment, or a larger budget, but they make for interesting and/or mind boggling objects d’art for those who want something different.

It was as I was waiting at an appointment a few days ago, that I came upon something that I didn’t evenKcholder know about: the condom case. This case wasn’t an ordinary condom case. It was constructed from calf leather, and retailed for a few hundred Euros, or AUD $660.00. The item made me cackle. I thought, 'how many other expensive objects can be found?'

The Hermes condom case. It folds out and has three pockets. It’s a conversational piece. I’ve never known anyone who uses fancy condom cases. I tried to find an image of these expensive cases on the web but it has been an ordeal; the official Hermes site doesn’t feature them even though they have been displayed in magazines.

For a cheaper/stylish version, there is the Kenneth Cole condom holder (right) that retails for US $50.00.

Pr_lelo_yva_2For the discerning woman, there is the 18 K gold plated Yva (below left) from Lelo. It is like the Lelo Nea in shape and does the same job, and it is described as the perfect 'accessory for that dressy party.' I think you could whip out the Lelo Yva, massage your temples and no one would have the foggiest. At more than one thousand dollars (and Euros), it is the cream of the vibrating crop.

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