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October 19, 2006

Omega Sector 13

Omega Sector 13

Naim sat in his favorite chair while Syl’s mouth worked on his erection. She’d look up at him from time to time. His eyes fixed on the screen ahead. “You can stop now.” “I’d like to please the Commander,” she said. Her sugary tone incited Naim’s indifference. Her duty, for the passing weeks, had been to prepare his cock for Naim’s new acquisition, Katya. “I have that under control, besides you’re on probation.” She quietly nodded, stood and bowed her head. His eyes didn’t acknowledge her nakedness. She hadn’t felt so useless. “Keep your eyes off the prize. You’re turn may come. It all depends on how well you behave.” Syl blinked, and turned but couldn’t erase her need. Naim fucked Katya for the other half of the day, and this irked her. What did Katya have that she didn’t? Many years, that’s what and she also won the Deflor Prize for Best Debut Fuck. Little slut, Syl thought. She doubted the virginity of the candidates. There were many ways to fake one’s maidenhead. “Perhaps the Commander wishes to send Syl home.” “Continue this train of thought and I may do that.” Her eyes widened, and swayed. The thought of returning to her tribe in the Outer Reaches, far away most days, had gathered momentum since her punishment. She turned to view the screen, and made out a few words. Years prior, when the Commander became smitten, she’d obediently sit behind an ancient table and watch the Commander write on a blackboard. When she saw the blackboard, her insides churned. It was all too familiar, yet she couldn’t place it. She was then told that her people came to use similar materials in schools. Within a year, he taught her the basics of the Omegan language. The alphabet and grammar different, but the verbal elements were identical. Her eyes scanned the screen. The Commander, she noticed, appeared distant, and took his time. Words stood out. Subject, LT and her eyes flitted to the name, Solstice, and it all wove together. The watchers were on the lieutenant’s case. In the beginning Syl struggled to adjust, and opted for quietude. No one could be smarter than an Omegan. This was drummed into her in a harsh manner. Her first owner took much pleasure in this, to the extent of tattooing her status on her left buttock:


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October 14, 2006

Omega Sector - 12

Omega Sector 12
3015, May 5
Subject: LT Solstice bint Naim
Oneirograph Batch # 539
Start Sequence: 01:55 hrs
End Sequence: 05:15 hrs
Supervising Analyst: Doktor A987

The delta wave component, albeit longer, can be attributed to the events of the day. The subject attended the Deflor ceremony, and appeared rested until its cessation. It is noted that the LT required to mobilize after the ceremony, utilizing 100000 KJ for gene expression and successfully eliminated two rebels in optimum time. Thus the longer delta wave component fits within the normal parameters of exhaustion.

(Note: The Cleanup team noted overkill at the scene. The LT appeared more agitated than normal. This deviates from the standard Hunter Clean-Kill technique and, according to the Cleanup Team, raises the question of Emo-Kill. This is yet to be determined. Awaiting results from the Forensanalyst Section.)

Right hemispheric activity, higher than usual. Yet to determine source (Clone programs are currently being analyzed) as dream data is incompatible with neonatal induction.

High levels of serotonin.
Excessive emotionality within each REM sequence.
Note: Prevalent subject within each sequence is one Ovid #795. LT displays emotionality toward the subject. Entered REM data into Oneir for categorization. Oneir found, based on chemical analysis:


Interim Conclusion: Although Forensanalyst results incomplete, manual analysis indicates excessive emotional projection toward Ovid that deviates from standard data. In ancient terminology, the dreaming subject is termed to be, courting or wooing the subject. In short, infatuation. Further analysis required due to possible enzyme coding errors. Please note that hunter programming at the time of the subject’s birth was in its initial stages. Possible corruption of program in the embryonic stage, although this is not conclusive at this point.

End of Report.

The Doktor’s acute sense of hearing confirmed a new, unauthorized, visitor.
“Enough gobblygook. What does it mean?”
The Doktor hunched over his report and warily eyed Ermlar.
“I’m not at liberty to tell you,’ the portly fellow glanced past Ermlar and stood, ramrod straight, “Commander, it’s a pleasant surprise.” Naim’s visits, far from being surprises, were permutated with purpose.
“Do you have the report? Ermlar…Nice Show.”
“Thank you, Commander.”
“That’ll be all, Doktor. I’ll review the report in my office,” he turned to Ermlar, “Can I help you with anything?”
“Err, about the Deflor ceremony. I’ll be away on an expedition next month and I’ll be unable to attend…” his voice trailed off, Naim’s ebony eyes fixated on his.
“I realize that you’re concerned about Solstice. You shouldn’t be. She’s a grown hunter,” his eyes twinkled with delight. Ermlar may have been a formidable warrior, but he didn’t possess savoir faire.
“She’s becoming attached to her new toy and the toy is unlike others I’ve seen…”
Naim nodded but refrained from revealing his personal concerns.
“I’m at your service should you desire to,” he turned to see the Doktor exiting the laboratory, “rectify the situation.”
“There’s no need for carnage Ermlar. We’ll just send him back to his shit-hole territory and that’ll be the end of it. Anything else?”
Ermlar shook his head.
“All the best for the expedition.”

To be Continued.

Photograph: Luc Ten Klooster

September 28, 2006

Omega Sector - Part 11

Omega Sector - 11

A mash of purple and orange clouds hovered high above the sky lights. The Deflor ceremony ended on a high note, with Ermlar displaying remarkable sexual prowess that Solstice attributed to P10C. She knew him better than most of the spectators. The few females who knew similar did not boast a commander as a parent, and preferred silence to Ermlar’s noxious personality and its sadistic undertones. Solstice skillfully deflected her sarcastic aside over his inadequacies with humor. She knew Ermlar well, and her rising anger caught her off guard. Then there was Ovid, and his offhand chatter. It pushed an unfamiliar button within her. She stood for moments, with Ovid sitting on his haunches waiting her next instruction. Others milled about, talking at length about Ermlar beating the known record. ‘Three hours in one sitting!’ said one, ‘His cock didn’t waiver, nor did it flinch,’ said another. Those nearby regarded her with slivers of envy and possibly imagined the sizzling chemistry, and sex, between herself and Ermlar. ‘Solstice! Has this ceremony inspired a change of…What is the term…A change of heart?’ it was her father, Naim. She turned to see him crinkle his nose in disdain. Ovid’s eyes focused on the ground beneath his knees. ‘I need to return. I’m to catch up with conditioning sessions.’ ‘You appear fit to me,’ he said. ‘It pays to maintain top form,’ she replied. ‘Ermlar proved you wrong. You realize how that looks?’ ‘No thanks to P10C…’ ‘There is no middle ground with you is there?’ ‘No,’ she tersely replied, and to Ovid: ‘Get up.’ ‘The novelty won’t last,’ Naim said, nodding toward Ovid. ‘It’s a way of life father. You seem to be doing well, and they’re not your wives.’ Naim’s eyes briefly flashed. ‘Ermlar is a fine candidate…’ ‘After a shot of P10C,’ she smiled and gripped Ovid’s shoulder. ‘Seems you have an obedience issue,’ Naim smiled and shrugged his shoulders. She wanted to tell Ovid not to be afraid of her father, to get up and hung back. ‘He may have a cramp. He’s been kneeling for a long while, father…’ Naim nodded and walked toward the small throng of people congratulating Ermlar. ‘Will you look at that? Get up!’ Ovid’s knees, to Solstice’s amusement, creaked as he rose. ‘I wonder how many shots they gave him…Move it, I want to get out of here,’ she tugged his collar, briefly yanking his head backward. ‘Am I still in trouble?’ ‘Do I look like your mother?’ she shook her head. He reminded her of most male characters in vintage sitcoms that peaked in popularity in the 20th Century, complete with their hangdog expressions. She suspected that the behavioral models from these shows passed from one generation to the next; each television character supposedly reflected everyday people. ‘You know you’re in the shit,’ she began, ‘and when we return, you’ll still be in the shit. No, your superb cock isn’t going to get you out of the shit pile because there is no excuse for focusing attention on us in front of my father. Now Move!’

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June 11, 2006

Omega Sector - 10

Omega Sector -10

Ovid awoke to see Solstice by the window. She sat ramrod straight, on a small metal stool staring directly at him. Her eyes, set like fiery gems within a ring, sparkled.
He slowly swallowed a stale globule of his morning saliva and clutched the bed linen with uncertain fingers. Solstice, difficult to read, didn’t move. Words scattered from each incoming thought.
‘You’ve had an interesting night,’ she said.
He felt reduced in a manner he couldn’t describe.
‘We have a full day ahead of us today,’ she continued.
If they had a full day, then they ought to get a move on. This, his primary thought, collided with the purple-red sky behind Solstice.
‘What time is it?’ he asked, using the question as an opportunity to sit up and regretting the move.
His shoulders ached, as did his quadriceps. All this, he thought, resulted from her assertiveness. Her physical prowess, the ability to physically restrain him shocked and intrigued him.
‘It’s time for you to get ready. We have an initiation ceremony to attend,’ she said with a half smile.
‘Initiation?’ concern etched his face.
‘Don’t sweat it Ovid,’ her laughter filled the room,'consider it a new adventure. You have so much to learn about Omega Sector.'
He sat up and yawned. Within him he felt pulled in two directions; his homeland dotted his dreaming mind and the waking world, Omega and Solstice, stirred thoughts he had never before entertained.
She entered the bathroom. He heard the first trickle of water and felt the familiar internal stirring within his groin. The heat, dull at first, slowly expanded to fill him as he recounted the previous evening.
'Why don't you come here and help me out,' she called.
Ovid arose, and regarded his morning glory. It could be positive, he thought, and then dismissed the thought as he wasn't in a position to dictate. Her physical manoevres illustrated something that had the potential to humiliate him. His eyes widened when her wet limbs came into view. Her iridescent skin reached out. His eyes trailed her limbs and noted how the initial gust of cool air from the open door raised each follicle. Solstice, unlike the women in his realm, didn't hide her budding nipples, and smiled as he walked toward the spacious glass cubicle.
'As I thought,' she said, and knelt.
Too nervous to move, he accepted her mouth. Stabilised by her firm hand on the base of his shaft, her mouth worked on his pulsating glans. Her tongue consecrated the first Act of morning. It wasn't a dutiful blowjob, such as those obligatory scenes he was accustomed to - where he'd have to reciprocate - but rather, she fed on his erection. Solstice's appetite, confirmed by her tongue's firm strokes, stirred the embers at the base of his spine. He stretched his arms out, so that his palms flatly rested on the glass. Swirling and licking his glans, she then added her lips to the mix. Moments slid by him, cloaked in fiery red visions, as she languidly sucked the bulbous head of his cock.
'I'm glad you like it,' she briefly quipped, before taking his entire length. A muted moan erupted from his throat as her oral cavity mercilessly hugged his cock. He gripped her wet shoulders and opened his mouth wider to absorb each drop of water that washed over their bodies.
He need to climax, to erupt somewhere and felt a little flustered to take the time to ask. Her mouth loosened, and her eyes looked upward.
'I know you want to, and we really need to get a move on. Let yourself go...'
Something about her casual attitude spiked his thoughts. It was too easy, and yet?
Her lips embraced his cock and he felt the first hot course of semen rush through his shaft, spilling forth into her mouth. A wild hot vacuum followed, she absorbed his cock, and warm semen, with a vigor he'd never before encountered and nearly lost his footing on the wet tiled floor as a result.
'Come, get dressed...'
Ovid slowly followed her into the bedroom. Dizzied thoughts of his rushed climax followed him and a day of uncertaintly loomed before him.


Solstice hoped that the unplanned moment would sate Ovid's probable urges. They made their way to the arena, fifty storeys beneath the ground, and walked past lengthy queues. Ovid stared at her arms. Bare, and sculped, her upper arms bore three black stripes. The stripes held his attention throughout their brief journey to the arena. When they left Solstice's quarters her arms were clear, devoid of any blemishes but as they neared the compound he saw them slowly materialize. She noticed his curiosity and briefly explained that she had to enter the arena with her stripes, and little else. It wasn't until they brushed past a pale, weedy male that he realized Solstice's stature. Ovid felt silly, considering her father's status within Omega.

'Nice to see you've made it to the D-Flo ceremony today. Will you be presiding over it Second Lieutenant?' the man asked. Solstice smiled and requested he step out of her way.
'I don't have time to chat Major,' she replied, and walked past him. Ovid turned to glimpse the major and saw his wrath.
'That's Ermlar, the most inadequate male I have ever experienced. Wants to couple with me. Father approves but I have other plans...'
They continued walking toward their allocated zone toward the front.
Ovid appreciated the immensity of the arena. The swollen crowd, aligned in perfect rows, dominated the central zone. On the slanted stands, the remaining Sectorians clapped their hands and cheered as the official party walked single file toward the central, elevated stage.
They stood behind the first row, facing the stage and Commander Naim as he waved toward the patrons.
Ovid noticed other pecularities in the organisation of the crowd. To his right stood another, albeit older, slave or companion. He noticed the same to his left. He quickly turned his head to stare into the orange-red eyes of a male Omegan about the same age as Solstice.
'Slave, look ahead!' he spat.
Ovid swallowed and watched the stage.
His eyes replied to the slave on his right.
'You don't look at any Omegan, except for your mistress...'
A voice bellowed.
'Second Lieutenant SS Sky!'
'Yes Commander,' answered the voice in front of him.
'Please control the creature,' his voice spat. Ovid's anger unfurled, his fingers curled into his palms to refrain his urge to strike out and grapple Solstice's father.
She slowly turned.
'Kneel,' came her firm request. The crowd stopped cheering and awaited something, a procedure Ovid didn't see coming. He obeyed and looked at her lower abdomen.
Her face, pale and solemn, regarded him with little emotion. The rapid fire strike across his face took him by surprise. He fell onto the floor and the crowd cheered. Ovid rubbed his face in an attempt to alleviate the rising thunder within his temple and cheek. He opened his mouth and felt her fingers dig into his shoulder.
'Do not speak! You are to remain kneeling. If you stand it will be viewed as disobedience and it will earn you a night in solitary confinement,' she said. Her pupils, fully dilated, betrayed an unknown emotion. Her voice didn't match her eyes. Ovid had never felt so small but his unease faded when he noted their preference to press on with the program.

'We are here to recieve the Neophytes into our society. Please make them feel welcome,' Naim said. The crowd clapped, and Ovid saw a row of females line up on the central stage, which reminded him of an altar. Plain, constructed from equally low key stone - perhaps marble - it enabled an ideal view for all. The woman stood naked, Ovid, despite his morning activity with Solstice, couldn't ignore the familiar stirring within him. Solstice summed up the ceremony as an initiation, whereby each female - once reaching the age - displayed her defloration, and her entry into adulthhood to the Omegans. This, according to the Law, please Charadin - the supreme Teacher.

The first female, Niayt, took a step forward. Naim embraced her and led her to the centre of the stage where the floor opened and a chair, that opened into a sparse bed, emerged.
'We have selected a man who is worthy of your gift Niayt,' said Naim. Ovid saw the familiar man, the major that spoke with Solstice and he also saw Solstice's shoulders tremble. She brought her hand to her mouth. He couldn't tell whether she was laughing or crying. They had a side view of the on stage coupling.

The girl lay sat on the edge of the makeshift bed, a bed that reminded Ovid of the antique hospital gurneys of his homeland except that this bed, more streamlined that those he grew up with, immediately shifted to hold Niayt's body like a pair of hands.

Her suitor leaned over and Naim stepped away. A whispering wave gripped the crowd and slid from one zone to the next. Their lips met. The major, more adept than the girl, lead the kiss with the girl retreating every so often. This garnered his need to control the dance. His hands gripped her hips, and he drove his tongue farther into her mouth. Naim reappeared, as the narrator, telling the story of creation and how the two bodies blended to form one unit from where all humanity came. Ovid noticed Niayt's eyes diverting away from the major and following Naim and the story. She relaxed, allowing Naim's words to wash over her. Ovid, a man from another world, noticed something he had seen long before - the girl, was more transfixed with Naim than the major. He could have been wrong, but he bet that the girl added Naim to her first fantasy in order to minimize the major and his brutish caresses. Solstice shook her head. The major's hands cupped the girl's breasts at the tune of the audiences 'oohs' and rapidly squeezed them in succession.

'...The ocean flows between her legs, not unlike the first ocean that spilled the first forms of life. Let your fingers swim inside her ocean...' Naim said. Ovid turned his head away from the scene. The girl's moans filled the arena, and he could only guess that the major was equally harsh when he fingered women. Solstice shivered. She noted the girl's eyes, and how her attention was fixed on Naim. She couldn't help but notice Ermlar's rabid expression. He didn't want to follow Naim's narration. Each story was individual, created with the female in mind and she couldn't help but think that her father, Commander Naim, harboured his own visions and desires. If the law permitted, he'd personally oversee the D-Flo ceremony of each without an audience.

'She is ready for you now,' Naim said.
Ermlar freed his engorged cock and slowly rubbed it along the girl's dewy labia, down toward her entrance, which he impaled with one firm thrust. The girl's mouth hung open, her eyes widened and gazed at Naim. The crowd, silent, waited for the verdict. Ermlar pressed himself against her embracing thighs and slowly pumped his cock inside her. Her moans climbed higher, the crowd clapped. Ermlar slowly slid out of the girl, to reveal the crimson cloak of blood on his cock.

'Behold, the woman...!' Naim boldly announced.

Ovid, speechless, felt faint.
Solstice turned to see his reaction and smiled.
'Better her than me. He's such a bad fuck!'
The master behind Ovid howled with laughter. Solstice returned the master's smile and loyal to her role, ignored Ovid or so he thought.
'I shall deal with you later,' she whispered, and tugged his ear until Ovid winced.


March 18, 2006

Omega Sector 9

Ovid drifted into a sea of Delta waves. The dim room offered little stimulation for Solstice. The Sector slept as she scanned Ovid’s slumbering body. He lay prone, his mouth relaxed and slightly open. The same mouth that teased the magical button between her legs, was now spent, as was the rest of his body. She turned on her side, extended her right arm and allowed her finger to lightly trace the course of his spinal column from the base of his neck to the cleft of his buttocks.

Earlier, Ovid’s concern, as he neared the climactic edge of their romp was to exit her and sprinkle her with his pearly rain. Their bodies were adhered, side by side, and they switched for Solstice to lie on her back with her legs hooked over his shoulders. Solstice enjoyed looking up at him as he plunged his cock into her, but the missionary, as the savages called it, was also on Omega’s top five Most Boring Fuck Positions list not that she minded. No one would chance them; no one would see her moaning at each deep stroke. As the pace had strengthened, Solstice saw his contorted face but Ovid’s nearing climax was heralded by the angry purple bulb of his cock and pulsating veins. They swapped once again and Ovid was reticent until Solstice overpowered him to the point where he landed on his back. She then languidly slid down his cock and fervently rode him. Watching his awe, arousal and struggle further aroused her. A sense of visceral satisfaction warmed her insides when she felt his cock repeatedly shudder inside her.

‘What’s wrong?’ she asked, remembering his frown.
‘I don’t want to…’
‘Catch anything?’ she smugly replied, raising herself off his pelvis.
‘Yes, that’s it…’
His faced reddened to a deep maroon.
‘I don’t have anything for you to catch,’ she had said. She felt a nascent shred of anger in her chest as she remembered the moment, a moment that uncannily opened her up to humor.
‘How am I supposed to really be sure?’ he’d said.
She remembered her long stream of laughter and thought of the term ‘joke’, a term she came across during her leisurely hours researching the Outer Reaches, as well as their customs. Solstice sat up and regarded Ovid with newfound curiosity and amusement.
‘You don’t know, do you?’
He shook his head and frowned.
‘Our immunity is such that disease has ceased to exist,’ she said.
Ovid found it amusing enough to laugh but this didn’t unnerve her in the least.
‘Your species successfully eliminated one continent,’ she’d begun, before noticing Ovid eyeing her with perplexity and what she inwardly interpreted as amusement, ‘don’t look at me like that Ovid. Your regal politicians and religious leaders frowned on condoms for centuries while nations had better things to do like fight religious wars and along the way the place known as the Dark Continent entered permanent darkness.’
‘Who do you think you are? I didn’t do that,’ he snapped. Ovid raised his torso and leaned on one elbow.
‘The disease is still living inside the Outer Reaches and you’ve come no closer to eradicating it simply because cloning in any way or form is evil. You all haven’t faced some realities…’
‘Reality of what? Becoming a….’
Solstice sighed. She thought the sex good but could have done without the post coital banter (that originated by his own attitude to ejaculating within her), so tedious, unnecessary and yet she felt like an anthropologist interviewing the Missing Link.
‘Heathen? Robot? What Ovid?’ she calmly replied.
‘An animal, a hunter…You’re all animals…’
‘We’re all animals on one level but on another we’re capable of so much more unless you still believe extra terrestrials constructed the long gone Egyptian Pyramids.’
‘I don’t want to talk anymore,’ he snapped.
‘Good, I was thinking we could…’
‘Don’t touch me…’ and with that he turned away from her, which was fine by her as her own fingers could keep her happy for some time. She felt around between her legs and felt satisfied that her moisture remained, and appeared to have increased thanks to their little argument. She rested on her back, legs apart, and continued with abandon as she switched to slow, deliberate internet strokes where each stroke became moistly amplified. This roused Ovid, as she expected, and he lunged forward, turning her over onto her stomach.
‘That’s right….ram it…’ she said, almost breathless upon his hardy entry. His hands rested on each side of her head. Her eyes magnified each diminutive hair as his cock reached into her. One hundred times magnification, each strand stood, dancing to the frequency of his arousal and lust, and this was sufficient to release the molten wave inside Solstice’s gut, perhaps all too quickly. She shuddered; the first wavelet diffused through her pores, her pussy, as he continued to slam against her rump. The climax seemed to elongate as he continued to fill her overheated sex. He fucked her, for what seemed like hours, before she felt his liquid warmth spill out of the hot chalice of her pussy and into the pulsating canyon of her vulva.

As he slept, she remembered the Teachings. She liked the warmth of his body too much that she ignored section five of the Omega Code, of it being forbidden to lay with a servant or pet outside the optimum moment of coitus. As he slept, she reactivated her message bank.

You have one hundred and three messages; please enter your enzymatic activation code

She didn’t feel up to it but chose against her Inner Core upon remembering the Teachings.

‘It is the Inner Core that diverts us from the true purpose. So sayeth Charadin.’

After eliminating all ninety messages from Ermlar, her one time fucker, she arrived at the invitations list and smiled as the first encrypted message unwound within her mind. It would make for an interesting outing, she thought, and after deactivating the enzymatic gates, huddled next to Ovid and drifted off to sleep.


December 10, 2005

Omega Sector - 8

It had been a while since Ermlar, and the intimacy with him didn’t feature. She didn’t bother imprinting the experience into her microchip; instead, as Ovid’s tongue lightly caressed her opening, she instructed each nano-receptor to record each detail from the texture of his tongue to its surface temperature as it licked a continual trail from her blooming clitoris right down to her pulsing entrance.

Her eyes,after a lengthy period, left the ceiling and focused on his hands. Each gripped her hips, his fingers digging into her flesh further enhancing the sensation of painful-pleasure while his tongue darted in and out of her.

He wasn’t too different from her. Both were aware of the variety of pleasures, or so it seemed. Moaning, he raised his head and his torso followed. Her eyes moved south and noted his rigid, near pulsating appendage. ‘Oh…Gee…’ she said, as she watched his cock curve against his lower abdomen with curiosity. The males in Omega didn’t feature prominent cocks; then again, she didn’t see most of them but the data, as provided by Eros Global, indicated that the average male member measured six inches.

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October 05, 2005

Omega Sector 7

‘ I need to know when her thoughts begin to change, the time they change, right up to the millisecond. Do you understand Doktor?’
Naim was perturbed with his daughter’s latest acquisition. He didn’t like Ovid, his first impression was always accurate just as it had been with Solstice’s mother. Oh, he knew that she would traipse into the place that spoke of untold everlasting emotion that was meant to bind two people together for an eternity and it wasn’t this he minded, it was her single minded determination to have a naturally conceived child that disconcerted him.
‘I can configure the microchip to alert you but this will present with certain side effects Commander,’ the technician said, all the while viewing the holograph in front of them. ‘See, this neuronal fire here, there and over there, means that she is currently experiencing pleasure but a few minutes before this,’ the technician blinked and the display changed, ‘Solstice experienced a macro migraine, as you can see from the synchronous firing of all her neurons. This could be dangerous Commander…’
‘You do what you have to do Doktor…’

It was impossible for Xystra to pass on her genetic information to Solstice. Such passage was completely made impossible through the cloning procedure. Solstice was His daughter and His alone, she was an Omegan and no Omegan fell in love.

‘We do not have any data on the phenomenon you describe Commander..’
‘I don’t care, you don’t need the data. It’s a disease and you will be able to isolate it the moment you detect it. The entire process is an anomaly, it renders one illogical and it can lead a person to the abyss of confusion. Have you not read the literature?’ Naim squawked, his irritation on the increase.
‘I-I am not aware of any Sir,’ the technician feebly replied.
‘Romeo and Juliet may be fictitious but it’s an ancient classic that best represents the stupidity of what is termed ‘love’ and sentiment…’
‘Its never come to my attention. At the Center we weren’t illuminated on this work, my microchip does not …’
‘I understand,’ Naim softly replied. He momentarily forgot that the Doktor was a drone. All drones were only equipped with the tools of their trade. Their function was to maintain the microchips and Nanomachines.
‘I’ll do my best to isolate any aberrations Sir,’ the technician affirmed.
‘You do that,’ Naim replied.

October 03, 2005

Omega Sector 6

As Solstice rose from her knees, an ear-splitting shriek sounded in her head. She stumbled and fell on the bed grasping her head with both hands.
‘What’s wrong?’
Ovid’s voice began to fade. She flitted between his eyes and mouth. His voice muted.
She shook her head.
Something was wrong and she couldn’t figure. The pain, relentless and as swift as it arrived it departed.
Solstice shook her head.
‘I-I think I’d better have a rest,’ she said.
Ovid leaned back and gave her the once over. His afternoon began with the positive declaration of sexual play and this came to an abrupt halt.
‘Are you all right?’
‘I’m all right. It was only a headache,’ she retorted.
‘Are you going to sleep?’
‘I don’t know,’ she replied. Solstice stood and wandered aimlessly about her bedroom.

Her thoughts returned to her microchip. It was highly possible she was due for a service or at worse a dreaded replacement, which was considered very rare. All microchips were added in the third trimester when the scalp was flexible enough for intra-womb neurosurgery. Nano-machines entered the fray during that moment in order to maintain the sensitive microchip and these minute machines were supposed to have a lifetime guarantee.
‘You don’t have microchips in your world?’ she asked.
‘No,’ he quietly replied, ‘I don’t understand why you’d need a microchip. A person’s brain is adequate for all functions. As for storing knowledge. If you don’t need the knowledge then why store the knowledge?’
‘It’s a good question. I’ve never needed to know the Latin terms for all ancient and remaining animal species on this planet,’ she said and smiled.
He shifted on the bed and lay on his stomach.
‘You’re not comfortable with your nakedness,’ she said, scanning his naked buttocks.
‘I’m not accustomed to walking around naked indoors or outdoors, not unless I’m swimming and the place is secluded or I’m with a special person…’ his eyes left hers and strayed to the wall ahead.
‘Was there a special person in your life before the hunt?’
‘I can’t say there was, there were possibilities but I will never know,’ he replied, rubbing his eyebrow.
‘It’s not that terrible here in Omega, you’ll find that there are many delectable pastimes and possibilities for you. Aside from that, I’m here and we’ll get into the scheme of things…’
He glanced at her and licked his lips.
‘We can start now,’ he suggested.
‘I’m not in the mood now,’ she said, turning away from him. She walked to her dresser and found her jar of pills. There were only three red pills in the jar and they were prescribed in case of an emergency. Solstice was uncertain whether to pop one and hope for the best or wait until she was checked out by the Nano Center. It was known that missing a pill after the initial onset of microchip breakdown put her brain at risk.

A slow shuffle alerted her to Ovid’s presence. Standing behind her, he silently inhaled and she felt his breath upon
his equally deep exhalation. She then felt his fingers on her shoulder blades, softly manipulating her muscles. Ovid’s lips brushed her right shoulder and his tongue escaped, licking a slow trail along her skin.
It was Solstice’s turn to inhale, in a bid to regain her composure. As she exhaled she felt his teeth grate along her skin.
He bit into her shoulder and reached up around her waist and squeezed her breasts. Ovid wasn’t meant to take control. She owned him and he…
He licked his middle finger.
His mouth gaped open as his digit easily slid into her. A slow moan escaped him and she closed her eyes and focused on the slow movement of his rough finger in and out of her. She molded her body against his and parted her thighs.
‘Fuck me..’
‘I want to lick you first,’ he softly snarled into her ear.
Barely a second elapsed before her legs lost contact with the ground.
Landing, with a bounce, she braced her fall with her elbows and stared up at his swarthy face. He initially loomed over her before sinking to his knees. His hands abruptly parted her thighs and he craned his head over her abdomen. He dipped the tip of his tongue into her navel and slowly licked its circumference. His eyes briefly met hers during the reentry of his digit into her sex.
Solstice thought of her father, an odd moment to consider her father but his warning sounded within her head. She was meant to be in control, she had to watch over Ovid. The people from the outer reaches were, according to her father, unpredictable.
The weather is more predictable than their moods and it pays to keep one’s head.

Ovid’s tongue slowly traced the intimate folds of her sex, moistening them with his saliva.
‘Shut up so I can lick you...’
'You can't...'
'Or I'll have to gag you.'

Solstice blankly stared at him and then stared at the ceiling.

'That's better...'
His tongue unfurled and penetrated the outermost layer of her soft skin...

photograph: Melvin Moten

September 22, 2005

Omega Sector- 5

* I need to transfer a couple of these segments from Blogspot to here, as they go too far back to add in another export file (without saving a few hundred posts as drafts to do that).


“I can’t get my mind around your hair,” she said, as her digits roamed over his naked thighs.

Solstice noticed Ovid’s Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed.
“Are you nervous?” she asked, ‘No need to be nervous Ovid, I’m a placid…soul.”
Her index finger traveled to his right hip and slowly trailed over his groin. His abdomen twitched and she involuntarily licked her lips upon witnessing his primal reaction.
“I…don’t…,” he murmured.
The tip of her finger bypassed his ripening penis and continued its slow path along his right inner thigh.
“I like playing with you Ovid, you’re a silent type or so it seems,” Solstice said and smiled, “But, I think you need a rest.”
“No,” he replied.
“Funny, I read that your people aren’t fond of jumping into the sexual fires that are an inherent part of their being,” Solstice tartly replied, wrapping her fingers around his shaft.
Ovid leaned on his elbows and sighed.
“I haven’t seen any books here,” he remarked, his brown eyes indicated the room and remaining house.
Solstice nodded and pointed, with her free hand, toward her head.
“It’s all inside here Ovid, in microchip format. I have the equivalent of the world’s libraries inside my head, as all of us in Omega Sector do. I can give you the boiling point for Uranium if you wish or I can recite the family tree of the ancient British monarchy…”
“I get you.”
“Now I want to feast on this growing cock of yours, so if you’ll kindly stop talking…”
“Are you all this blunt?” Ovid asked, briefly shifting his torso.
“Fucking is not wishful thought or fantasy in Omega Sector. It’s a birthright.”
“What? You all just….fuck?”
“To put it plainly. Yes.”
“All of you, as in…”he began, but silenced himself as the warm embrace of her mouth and the immediate ease with which she swallowed his penis to the brim startled him.
Her moist warm saliva bathed his cock as she smoothly and fluidly sucked him to a full erection before coming up for air.
“I think I can begin playing with you now…”
Ovid tilted his head back and closed his eyes, desiring Solstice to continue.

September 10, 2005

Omega Sector - 4

Ovid woke with a start. He didn’t know how long he’d been asleep; remnants of dreams didn’t float in his mind and he suspected heavy sedation. He blinked and glanced at his body. All his limbs were intact and he was free to move but he Omega4 noticed that his right leg, as he draped it over the sleek flat bed, landed on the floor with a distinct, albeit slight, heaviness.
His surprise lodged in his throat upon further noticing that his body was naked. He looked around the large room and noticed a vast array of images that flickered; the static images that remained suspended in his land were nowhere to be found, instead he saw an array of sliding images that. One image, of a man prying open a woman’s legs faded and was replaced with two women engaged in a heated embrace.
Ovid blushed.

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