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July 29, 2008

It's Official (allegedly/apparently/supposedly)

Only because I'm not fond of receiving any possible backdraft up my ass.
Petrol companies are ripping people off? (Really?...No!) Who owns the oil companies? Interesting question. According to a recent study:

"Industry officials and analysts have long claimed there is a lag of between seven and 10 days for changes in global oil prices to be reflected at the pump.

Professor Zumbo said that was a farce, with an "almost instantaneous" rise in petrol prices when global oil prices rose.

"The lag period is over-rated," he said. "Our price is pegged to the Singapore price and when the prices go up, the changes on the retail market are almost instantaneous in some cases. But when the prices are coming down there is a significant time lag, which cannot be explained. They are basically gouging today, taking profit at the expense of the motorists."

And the oil company 'view':

"As of yesterday, the price of the benchmark Singapore Tapas oil had fallen 16 per cent since its June highs. During the same period, the wholesale price of petrol offered by oil companies such as Caltex and Shell had only fallen 8 per cent, while average retail prices had declined just 3.2 per cent.

A Caltex spokeswoman claimed the company was following the same process on the upside as well as the downside."

But what is the PROCESS?
Meanwhile certain groups are busy blaming the Arabs, but do they own oil companies like Caltex and Shell?
The Oil business -it's like a billion dollar version of The Bold and the Beautiful. The oil company is like the character of 'Brooke' - convoluted, complex and whorish.

May 21, 2008

Women, Sex and Religion & an Essay on BDSM/Violent Pornography

Two new essays have been added to Lucrezia Magazine tonight.

Triple_goddess_symbol The first, Women, Sex and Religion by Roxanne Rhoads explores the role of religion in shaping women's sexuality.

The second is published courtesy (permission) of Backlash and the essay author FCK and it is titled Bisexuality, BDSM and the Myth of Violent Pornography.

Keep an eye peeled as there is going to be more new content, from stories to erotic art.

October 25, 2007

Power, Sex and the Improbable

“Let us go one step further. It is high time to recognize that we humans are far better at doing than understanding, and better at tinkering than inventing. But we don't know it. We truly live under the illusion of order believing that planning and forecasting are possible. We are scared of the random, yet we live from its fruits. We are so scared of the random that we create disciplines that try to make sense of the past--but we ultimately fail to understand it, just as we fail to see the future.” Nassim Nicholas Taleb

There was no way of predicting that I’d walk into a bookstore today, and go ape shit.  I briefly cringed at my receipt. I wasn’t sure what I was hunting. I even made a return trip to pick up a work that fanned my mind after I attended a work counseling session. The session made me think about power, and the thought grew. Power is an intriguing element, and one of the most perverted abstract schemes; power is not an object, and people respond to it as though it is a magical orb.

I decided to explore the philosophy section. Philosophers discuss subjects like power, learning, thought and how they impact on society. I normally don’t think of blogging as an educational medium; there are few posts that contain educational merit, that propel a one to expand one’s reading. Let’s face it, a large proportion of posts (in general) are written with the audience in mind: likes, preferences, traffic potential and popularity. One of my book selections directly related to a blog post in Sexegesis, that mentioned Michel Foucault. I stood, scanning the bookshelf, and opted for Madness and Civilization, Foucault’s first work and its early chapters prove interesting; more on that, later.

Although one is told never to judge by a over, I have to admit that the cover of Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable (Nassim Nicholas Taleb) intrigued me. There was no title, and certainly no author credit on the cover. I opened it up, and read briefly, and thought it interesting, certainly potent in its content and argument. Black Swans aren’t new. They have been a part of humanity since the dawn of time; every unpredictable event in history can be considered a Black Swan. Environmental disasters, massacres, plagues, basically every overwhelming event that one can think of can be a Black Swan. The only issue or problem associated with Black Swans is the way humans claim ownership; according to the individual, or the individual who requires a mix of linear logic, indoctrination and isms, each event is explainable in hindsight.

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