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June 02, 2008

A Cancerian Whinge: On Erotica in Australia

I am Cancerian, therefore have a right to have the occasional whinge every now and then. I blame the phase of the moon, and if I have my monthlies, there ain’t no stopping me. I give the word ‘crabby’ a whole new meaning…

Yesterday, as housemate and I sat in a Newtown restaurant, and I decided - based on it being Sunday, my mood and other things - to go all out and order a bottle of wine. Why go by the glass?

“What’s the matter?” he asked
“Nothing…well I don’t bloody know,” I replied, thinking that ‘nothing’ is just the usual female reply. Some women can have a limb severed, be asked what’s wrong and reply with, ‘nothing,’ for the nothing to swell like a ripe tidal wave. “I was thinking about the weirdness of things.”
“Don’t you think it’s strange, if not weird, for me to have stuff published overseas and nothing in Australia?”
“And you probably never will,” he replied, which wasn’t that fantastic. His reply was like a magical invocation that only aided the crabby wave.
“What do you mean?” I asked, and it wasn't related to any writer ego. It's not like I spend my days consumed with ego related things, but I wasn't in the best mood. It was miserable wet, cold Sunday.
“Australia is a little behind.”

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June 25, 2007

"I'm not a Canine, I'm a Woman."

Wife_25There are a lot of disturbing things floating about; it makes pollen look like an appealing alternative, for a hayfever sufferer such as moi.

I confess, I feel more comfortable with thinking about sex than exploring the endless roundabout of relationship crap/manifestos/new age books and what have you that’s currently out there. It’s so out there, that it may as well be a distant planet named Bullshit Centauri, in a far off galaxy. This galaxy may as well be situated in another dimension that runs against every mathematical theory logical people have supplied endless proofs to for the past few millennia. Then again, what the hell am I talking about? We're half-way there with 'Intelligent Design' making the rounds, because a select few arrogant imbeciles cannot accept the possibility that we have evolved from our primate ancestors; humans and Orangutans have a lot of DNA in common, more than ninety percent.

I’m not sure how to broach the following subject without twisting a few noses out of joint, but jeez, this latest book doing the rounds is a joke to me, and this joke also relates to the new term or label (yet another label for women; I think we have more terms allocated to us as a gender than all the terminology the Insect Kingdom does), The Surrendered Wife.

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March 15, 2007

The Politician & Pornographer

Many complain about experiencing bad days at work, but I think politicians sit at the top of the Pear Shaped day. The same can apply to pornographers, and when politics and pornography coincide, things can take on a different hue.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard has come under attack for appearing at the same luncheon as one Scott Phillips. The opposition, the Labor Party, has latched onto this story in today's media and they're like Pit Bulls on roids:

"But on this occasion, he appears to have been at a dinner with someone who was convicted of being a violent criminal and a porn star.

"The Prime Minister, once again, has been exposed for his double standards."

Name me one politician or political party that doesn't have double standards? I don't think politicians have 'good work days', or if they do, such days are evaluated in terms of the pros and cons, whether the pros or accomplished good deeds outweigh the cons.

If Scott King was cleaning contractor, car mechanic, bank teller, low profile doctor, would he be the focal point of this story? A large part of me doesn't think so, but because he was involved in the porn world, it's become a huge issue and the other, of him being previously prosecuted for burglary, is another, but the porn element is the first thing to get a mention.

Scott King, porn 'king'?

Don't you love election campaigns?

March 02, 2007

Toxic Bachelors

I don’t know what’s more offensive: Seeing Flavio in his itty bitty swimmers or reading through the list of toxic bachelors at RadarOnline.

It just goes to show that a celebrity can say the most hideous thing and get away with it.

If an ordinary bloke uttered the following to me:

"If a fucking camera could blush it would be fucking red because you are so fucking pretty."

I’d barf.

But is Colin Farrell ‘ordinary’, in the sense of hanging out at your local café, or bending over at a building site to reveal his ass crack? I’m betting there are thousands of women who read that quote and thought, ‘aww how sexy.’ When a person uses ‘fucking’ three times in one sentence they need to brush up on their education or conversational skills; I’m amazed he absorbs his scripts. He’s awfully cute! (forget I typed that).

Flavio Briatore is a funny bloke:

"The big excitement comes with the flirting. You flirt, flirt, flirt, and then you are there."

I’m sorry to break it to you Flav, but the reason you get there is because you have substantial amounts of cash. If you didn’t, and you wore those itsy bitsy bikini bottoms, hell would freeze over before you saw -let alone touched - some ass.

Now if you want to read the full article, this piece is currently on sale at Newsstands. The Toxic Kiedis2 Bachelor article has been syndicated here. I nearly slid off my bed when I came across Anthony Kiedis (as quoted from his memoirs) and his starry eyed account (because there are many, but he doesn’t consider himself a womanizer) of him performing cunnilingus on a tour bus.

“Her purring, revving, undulating spiritual motor started humming and she allowed me to engage her in a very long and wonderful exchange of oral sex that was the most beautiful sexual moment of my life to date.”

On a tour bus no doubt. Were the other band mates watching?

I’d find it hard to concentrate. Shit, I’d need a defibrillator if I had Anthony Kiedis’s lips between my legs, amalgamating with Miss Kitty. (Who said that?)

I’m loving Radar Online…so now I’m going to see how much it will be to have this magazine mailed to me Downunder.

Picture: Pure fan art done by yours truly, a while back.

February 01, 2007

Oysters and Chocolate - Chilled (fiction)

OystersThe oddest thing about me is that I can easily complete a tract of writing, often times getting up there in the thousands of words that flower, and when it comes to self promotion I cringe. I have a similar issue if I have to pen a third person bio about myself, but I've figured the bio out - I just say it, as it is, and don't stop to analyze it too much.

I'll get straight into it.

I'd like to thank Jordon and Samantha at Oysters and Chocolate for selecting my story Chilled as the winter competition winning story.

I really don't know what to say about the story itself, because down where I live we don't have snowy winters, with the exception of the snow season around Thredbo, Perisher Valley, Jindabyne between June and August, besides that I don't go there much; the last time was when I was seventeen and I chickened out from scaling the peaks at Perisher. I have to confess that it was difficult because I couldn't view winter as a season so winter was fashioned as a concept that arose between the two characters and their immediate environment, which is about as far from winter as one can get.

Iraq is the place within the story, and I arrived there out of curiosity, not stricly war related but my mind constantly wanders into that part of the world right now, and alongside this micro journey are thoughts that focus on the people, soldiers and the emotions that do unfold. On the news, or in the newspapers (In regard to Australia) we normally hear of the war, of the terrifying bombings, of soldiers 'serving', but a lot goes in between the moments of 'war' or of terror; sexuality isn't restricted to hunky dory peace time. In saying that, it did feel odd for me to explore a fragment of time within that setting. I asked myself many times if it was appropriate to put together a freaked out journalist, and a seasoned photojournalist, and mould them together within an unusual environment (bombs going off on streets, the remnants of suicide bombers in passing etc). I ultimately thought, life doesn't stop and life does include sex, or the emotional-physical need to bond, regardless of the location.

They're away from home, from all the comforts that they grew up with and restructure those comforts during the intimacy.

Thank you Jordan & Samantha.


ps: The inspiration for the male character within the story, with the initials E.O. can be found here.

Story: Chilled

December 30, 2006

Behind the Green Door...

Behind the Green Door...Erotica, Porn, Lust and Other Things

Popping the cherry embraces so much more than literally glimpsing one’s own sexuality in the company of another, that very first time; the first sexual experience or exposure has involved coming across pornography through the times. There’s been a sudden leap, from the Seventies onward, where visual sex is concerned but it’s preceded by antiquated porn as well. Animated sex has undergone a vivid visual transformation; the popularity of no holds barred sex is on the increase. There’s gonzo porn, as well as the expansion of porn to cover a myriad of sexual lifestyles. One no longer has to scour the ends of the world to get some visual bondage. Sex previously chugged along, happily maintaining its mystery. In ancient times, pornography was more Pompeiiwall_painting about still imagery; people were caught in the pleasurable moment on urns, sculptures, frescoes and drawings. The relationship between pharaoh Hatchepsut and her right hand man, Senenmut can be gathered from graffiti and rough drawings, and in Pompeii there are elaborate works (sculptures, mosaics, frescoes) depicting couples in a variety of sexual positions. These two examples (there are plenty more) existed before Western Civilization came to know the Kama Sutra, but even so, sex was different; the mysterious elements behind the sexual act remained constant.

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October 20, 2006

Sexualité in Print (a little part of it in Scarlet Mag)

Right this minute, I've got a lot of emotions buzzing in my head but the first things first, way back in April 2005 when I began this page to sift through my own thoughts about sex and relationships, something else happened and that ended up blossoming into other things, like fiction and now, a year and a half after, a small part of this blog is in print in this month's edition of Scarlet Magazine.

Now I don't know what excites me more, but when I saw the cover I was quite thrilled to see Dita Von Teese, and then I was completely awed to see that she is also the guest editor of this month's edition. So excited was I that I almost forgot my own excitment (about my own post within the magazine).

I can't say that the resultant is all due to me, because a lot of it, most in fact, is due to other factors namely people that I hold dear, who have visited this page as well as those who'll silently, but regularly peruse my various shades of sauciness. These factors also reinforce my resolve in regard to submitting my work to various publications, like Scarlet.

A huge thank you to Scarlet Magazine, for publishing a piece from Sexualité, and another huge thank you to Alex and Suzanne, for giving me a view at the pages. I live all the way down here, so it'll be more days until I touch, smell and read the issue. By all means, go and get yourselves (those of you in the UK etc) a copy for the erotica and sexy articles within , as well as the other factor of Dita being Guest Editor of the month. But further along, each month sees sex and eros in the spotlight.

Okay, so now I need a bit of a drink. It's really weird to think that although I've never been to the UK, never touched down at Heathrow, that my entry, and piccie is sitting on a page in a magazine on the other side of the world.

It's surreal!

I'm totally stoked, and if anyone asked me more than twelve months ago whether I planned on taking a sexual detour into the erotic lit arena, I would have been perplexed. It wasn't in the overall plan. Just goes to show.

Life, or 'chaos' in and around, has an odd way of bringing out things.

January 15, 2006


I always, with any form of writing, try to focus on the personality of a person’s body rather than the packaging. For me the packaging is meaningless, superficial, and largely a result of operant conditioning very much reminiscent of times I’ve walked into Myer Department Store to replenish a facial moisturizer and be told something like, ‘And the packaging, lovely!’ from a Dior drone, which is why I don’t bother with the bullshit anymore (all facial moisturizers do the same job, and Sorbolene cream is a better and cheaper option for those not in the ‘know’).

In terms of the purple prose of published erotic literature, the type that sits in bookstores, there is, without a doubt, copious descriptive fairy floss that can also serve as an advertisement for ‘firmness’ (indicative of youth), among other things. These things, taking ‘firm’ to describe breasts as one example, imply that only ‘youthful’ people are desirable or desirable to write about. This is all crap to me, as a person who writes. Sexuality is never that perfect and I’ve had sex enough times to know this, which makes me question the frequency of sex among some ‘erotic’ writers. I don’t like to write in the form of ‘fantasy’, simply because I know that people want to catch a glimpse of sex particularly when they’re on the brink of having sex with a new person or for that very first time. To articulate perfection, is setting a person up for a fall from the very beginning. In addition to that, I think ideal perfection, purple-prose directed toward some physical ideal or ‘structure’, alienates segments of the population who don’t fit into the narrow box of ‘firm high breasts’ or other ‘flawless’ body parts. Ironically, I think such descriptions of erotic events, are seriously flawed and the very reason why erotica ( as a fully accepted literal form) is viewed with skepticism, doubt, ridicule and the list goes on. Erotica occupies the smallest section of a bookstore. As a form of literature, as opposed to personal confessions (which aren’t literature, because they lack the literary nuances that make literature what it is), erotica isn’t lauded in wider literary circles. Although this doesn’t bother me, as I don’t fully focus on erotica in a ‘make them climax’ type of way, it has piqued my curiosity over the years as a person who does, on many occasions, explore the erotic medium.

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November 27, 2005

Sex Writing & the Manfiold Directions it can Take

Sex tales, writing about sex, and all that goes with it is a challenge because it has to arouse the reader in many ways, beyond the usual trite manner of 'I'm going to cum on your face' porn variety that's out there. It has to arouse or excite using the written word and behind this, is a story context that puts characters in a particular place at a particular time.
I was quite surprised to receive the following announcement via an email newsletter the other day from Tit-Elation:
The winning story for the Happy Holidays Contest is Santa's Playland by Anastasia.
I only planned for it to be a Christmas themed story of sexual fun, titillation and I suppose a 'take' on the usual array of Santa's Grottos we see in shopping malls all around the world. It does explore alternatives, more or less taking a situation, that of a recently single burnt female and present her with opportunites that are sexual but are also liberating. I wouldn't say it's a 'its been nice fucking you but I don't want to know you anymore' type of theme, which is the standard porn formula in film. I like to leave a story open so it can continue, so it gives the people or characters within a chance to follow through any way they wish. What I do like about is that each story submitted, features a humane approach to sex, it's not about pure fornication that has no destination or purpose (even to enlighten the mind).
I find the idea of casual sex, in terms of the 'after the sex I'm gone', in stories, to be empty and purposeless when they're described in a typical contrived pornographic context such as 'pizza delivery boy arrives, sees a slumber party in progress and is invited to fuck all the girls' - your typical porn film of today. I can't say I'm into that most of the time because it removes the mental challenge behind the journey.
All in all, it's odd for me, I don't purely see myself as a sex writer, I do like to explore other themes, wider issues but even in those wider issues, all individuals are sexual and the libido still undulates behind each event, through part of the time.
At the moment, particularly after seeing The Sea Inside, the story of Ramon Sampredo played by Javier Bardem, my thoughts travelled to another path, that which deals of sexuality and disability of any kind. Sometimes I think a major chunk of our sexuality is all mental, or originates from our thoughts, fantasies and our idea of what turns us on. These thoughts give rise to the physical gestures, to attain the final resultant, but if we don't have access to that, the thoughts are still there and it doesn't mean they disappear or dissolve and I think this side of sexuality is important and isn't frequently addressed which is why there are moments where I do view all erotica, whether on literary sites, and I sometimes shake my head because it usually focuses on the able bodied person, the 'attractive' person with a 'tight' ass and, well..I don't know what to make of it and it depends on the mood I'm in.
So in terms of winning something, I do appreciate it, but I'm like an insatiable nympho when it comes to words. I don't think it's satisfactory some days, other days I'm pretty fine with it,but never will I sit and think, 'oh yeah baby I've nailed it!' because any story, any form of writing, is like a painting that can effectively be added to as time progresses. A single painting, no matter how 'good' - as viewed by art afficionados - will only present a particular vantage point at a particular time but it can be extended over time, and culminate into a complex structure. Some days, in terms of erotica, I prefer the complex structure. I am aware of what sexual arousal is, its stages, it's destination, but there are many moments that I hunger for that little bit extra, that moves beyond the simple 'suck, fuck, climax' and this intellectual view also encompasses my personal view or my personal sexual preferences.

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