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March 29, 2007

Springs, Sex & Scenes

I retrieved my x-ray today, and stood at the bus stop waiting, for what seemed like forever. Bugger it, I thought, and ripped open the envelope. I wanted to jump up for joy, everything was clear, which meant no nasties in my chest, but it didn’t explain the soreness in my left side. The doctor, on my return, asked me if I’d injured myself lately. Hardly likely, I thought, and she told me to take painkillers until it subsided. Housemate expressed his own conclusions:

‘Your bloody bed is old, and the springs dig into your chest as you sleep. Get rid of it!’

As for my blood pressure, I almost keeled over. I asked my GP for tips on elevating it back to what it used to be, what felt like eons ago, and she advised me to do ‘what people with high blood pressure aren’t allowed to do.’

- add salt to my food and ncorporate more physical exercise into my life (something that I haven’t been doing because gyms are just over the top, and I’m a crap jogger)

Now sex would be good exercise, but not in my bed. I’d have to take out public liability insurance if I wanted to invite anyone in my bed. It, according to housemate, is ‘dangerous, and it’s amazing you haven’t been stabbed in the chest by those fucking springs!’ He exaggerates. It’s not like they’ll spring forth, and kill me.


Speaking of sex, and futures, the concept of futuristic sex is an interesting one considering the current attitudes that are circulating about, the various extremes. From one end there’s abstinence, which is like stepping into another era, possibly reverting to the Fifties, and then there are the libertine elements that appear on various websites and blogs, all of which express flagrant sexuality, the polar opposite of the current Abstinence Movement. The question though: How will sexual attitudes be shaped? What kind of sexual approaches will humans make twenty years from now? Will sex be more relaxed or more controlled?

Alex from AlexSuze story The Assessor on Scenes explores the future and also introduces an interesting term in his fictional story: chemical normalisation. Check it out.

If you want to explore the erotic, and post stories in Scenes, email me.

February 27, 2007

Scenic Night

Scenes4 I decided to update Scenes with a short piece tonight. I even found myself a matching fellatio picture. So it's been a bit of a scenic night for me where blowjobs are concerned. Blowjobs can be many things. Depending on the type of scene, they can signify domination. Alternatively they may serve as a voyeuristic tool. Whichever way, one thing that can't be denied or refuted is that fellatio - the blowjob - is the ultimate gesture because no other gesture signifies cock adoration as the blowjob. (between consenting parties, of course)

Scenes was just something that I thought I'd begin, basically a fun for all where people (bloggers and non bloggers), could post their erotic fiction, read, or use it as a writing resource (there are a few writer links on the taskbar). It's primarily based on a 1000 word limit per post, and at the time when I commenced it there were a couple of other adult oriented community blogs opened by other bloggers.

Either way, it was really slow and it is slow in terms of taking off, but who knows where the future may lie. While you're there, that's if you do decide to pop in for a little read, there are other hot contributions by other bloggers such as EA, Alex, Loki, Bad Influence Girl, Spirit (who is, unfortunately, on hiatus - but his story is still there), His Fucktoy and Eddie.

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