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May 31, 2008

Wherever Sex Is, Technology Isn't Too Far Behind

Society is moving so fast, and I often take a few moments to marvel at all the developments that are a part of everyday life. For example, the common sex toy or phallic shaped vibrator is a godsend for many women. The Daily Telegraph has a piece on model Kristy Hinze, and it refers to her relationship with Netscape founder Jim Clark. The article asks:

"ON DISCOVERING a gal who looks like this is in love with a 63-year-old man, most Aussie blokes can be heard sobbing into their beers: "What's he got that I haven't?" "

He has money; you VB swilling dudes are wasting your money on beers and Playstations.

Then there is the well known fact that there is so much more conversation with older men, and if women do want a perpetually hard phallus, then they have the option of buying one and using it in bed, along with the Viagra. Sexual technology is a given in our world.

Infidelity isn't nice, but it's always nice to know that technology can come to one's aid when suspicion reaches fever pitch. Apparently Sydney is in the midst of an 'infidelity epidemic.' It seems creepy, but it's a cool marketing tactic for surveillance gadgets. According to the SMH, 1000 people (per month) want to Robot monitor their partners. One company, aptly named Heartbreakers, sweeps homes for devices each week (talk about paranoid adulterers). The other scary thing is that surveillance has reached sci-fi proportions; conversations can be tracked via laser five kilometres away from a house. It's no longer about private dicks sitting outside in cars – how much more obvious can someone be?

Technology has caught up, and is eager to make friends with any sexual activity imaginable. Imagine a world, twenty years from now, where single adults feel more comfortable with mess-free sex? There are no more wet spots, no messy money shots, or a partner that is programmed to fulfill your personal needs right down to the letter. That option isn't too far away. According to some, sex and marriage –to robots- will be a reality before 2050.

The future may be great: male robots who actually fucking call you when they say they will. For men, female bots who don't say a) "not tonight" b) "not tonight, I have my period or c) "I'm not swallowing your load, I don't like the taste." How fantastic would that be? No more angst, no more second guessing and no more frustration.

Viva la sexual revolution…

March 27, 2008

If Funisia Dorothea Could Talk...

That's right, if this tube like creature could talk, it would say "Yeah whatever, I've done this millions of years ago, and it's not anything new!" The thing? Sexual reproduction. This week, scientists put a date on sexual reproduction.

Speaking of strange life forms, Toxoplasma Gondii is a nuisance, and it is estimated that 30-60% of theToxoplasma_gondii population is infected by this parasite that cats and rats carry. Its other side (supposed) side effect in women? Promiscuity.

It's strange to come across that detail, considering I tested positive for Toxoplasmosis years ago when I was tested for glandular fever (that I did have) at the age of 29. I had no idea. The doctor asked me if I remembered being ill with a high temperature, and I said, "Many children experienced the symptoms you describe." And I did have a cat when I was around five years of age. Ongoing studies with this parasite involve testing it on rats to see how it alters behavior, and the most recent development in that is the reduction of intrinsic fear in rats toward cats.

It all makes for interesting reading, and it can raise many questions. Billions have been spent on the development of nuclear weapons, but bacteria and parasites are cheaper weapons. If a parasite, like Toxoplasma can reduce fear or alter behavior (depending on concentration perhaps?), imagine the possibilities? It is scary. People may think they are the true masters of their behavior, but who is to say that miniscule bacteria and parasites don't exert an influence over the years, and to the extent of shaping sexual behavior? And it makes sense. Fear reduction increases the chance of taking risks, or impulsive behavior. On a lower level, it can be positive, open the playing field and enable innovation, but if it is extreme, then it enters Jackass proportions.

Hmm, now I wonder why cats have a certain smugness?

Dogs have masters, Cats have staff!

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