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August 13, 2008

Suckered in By Romance

What do you blame? Clever romantic marketing like the Impulse ("when a stranger gives you flowers") adverts, or the impression that is made by copious romances? In the end, it is the individual that makes the gross error. Trust is not something you immediately hand over to a stranger, and unfortunately there are many unhinged predators out there that are deft at disguising their depravity, as a female Australian tourist found out in Paris.

It is the type of story that makes one nauseous. A woman held captive for fifteen hours and raped repeatedly by a person who came across as a nice person. She befriends the stranger on a street, they go out to have dinner, and he takes her to his place, where everything takes on a sinister hue. It's a horrible scenario; the only positive thing is that the tourist still has her life, but why do women put themselves in this position? I'm not saying that she caused the violence. Absolutely not, no way, but one can't ignore the trust given to a stranger. One thing to have dinner, and quite another to accompany a stranger, in a foreign country, to their place – that could be anywhere. Is it the romance (of Paris), the silly soulmate idea or the notion of no-strings sex? Is there really such a thing as no-strings sex? I largely doubt it. There is always some type of condition attached to sex, even if it isn't salient to the mind at the time.

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June 13, 2008

Suburban Predators

Serial rapists are disturbing, and it seems that a second serial rapist has made the media here in Sydney. This rapist targets young women (under the age of 25) in the outer western suburbs of Sydney. The latest attack on a teenager is disturbing and this rapist is impulsive, grabbing girls off the street, forcing them into a secluded location - like a driveway - and sexually assaulting them at knife point.

A few years ago, a serial rapist was loose (and probably is loose, because I can’t recall - and haven’t located - news that confirm his arrest) nearer to my location. He preferred Sydney’s inner western suburbs. The serial rapist nearer to my suburb/s had a clear MO. He would target women at home, and chose women who’d spend more time at home during the day. Most of the women were older - no teenagers - and at one point, things became so bad that the FBI was to provide assistance (profiling, etc).

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