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May 30, 2008

The Predator in the Most Unexpected Place?

Sex education for children and teenagers isn't as simple as it was when I was in high school. Back then HIV wasn't in the media. By the time I entered Year 11, at the age of sixteen and a bit, HIV was in its infancy in Australia, and erroneously labeled a homosexual disease.

Today, due to the rise of sex offences toward children and the sexual liberties some off-kilter adults take, education has become something else and it has resulted in children having to grow up faster – even if they may not have the emotional maturity to handle or process all the information. Sexual predators come in a variety of guises. Often enough, a sexual predator is likely to be an adult that is placed in a position of trust – such as a high school educator.

This latest story from Melbourne, concerning a female teacher wanting a fifteen year old student as a sex slave caught my eye today because it reminded me of the short period of time I took to get to know a younger male, who expressed an interest in submission. Initially, I thought his preference a joke, something to 'freak me out' or something, but when I explored his supposed preference further – through talking – I found that his earlier experiences, whilst in high school, probably colored (or tainted) his attitude toward himself and his sexual preference. His early intimate experiences, at the hands of high school girls, as a lad himself, involved a high level of humiliation. So much so that he became accustomed to it: worthlessness, verbal and physical humiliation, and all during a pivotal period of teenage development. To me, it's a form of abuse, and one that doesn't present healthy development. It is one thing to have fantasies involving domination, humiliation and submission, and for those fantasies to have abstract origins, but if the origin involves early experiences at the hands of people who are immature, selfish and sadistic, can it be viewed as being functional or healthy?

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