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July 07, 2008

Adult Toys: Test Your Knowledge

Freebanner_2 There are things I didn't know about sex toys. I know about the structure and function, but give me historical questions about the origin of some sex toys, and I'll be lying if I said I knew all there was to know. If you ask me who invented the vibrator, I'd shrug my shoulders.

Please welcome Bondara to my blog. They're a new sponsor, and they're sitting at the top of the tree on the right side bar. Now if you want to test your knowledge about sex toys, you can try your hand on the quizzes on Bondara web site.

I did learn more about vibrators after completing the quiz. Enjoy.

June 14, 2007

Objects d’Art: LELO Nea Mini Vibrator Review

My not so fond memories, of sex toys are related to high powered (or noisy) vibrators, that have a distinctive phallic flavor, one of which was the source of some impromptu embarrassment in a public café on an afternoon I decided to open the surprise -prank- birthday present from two girlfriends. Luckily things change over time; sex toys have benefited in the area of design and technical innovation.

The Nea, from LELO (Luxury Erotic Lifestyle Objects), offers discretion that is second to none. Its ornate porcelain-like finish, and rounded curves add an artistic edge . It reminded me of a bent egg, with a subtle pleasure point. Its floral motifs accentuate each curve, and when added to its petite size; if it wasn’t a sex toy, it could sit in the high fashion accessory section of any clothing boutique. Such is its finery.

Black1I took the risk and slipped it into my bag, took it to work and revealed it when the coast cleared a little. I sat at my desk massaging my neck with the curvaceous toy, to be asked a few questions such as where I bought the nifty gadget. The person posting this question did not know or realise that the Nea pleasure object was a sex toy.

‘It’s gorgeous, what is it?’ one said. When I activated it, and rubbed my temples, they assumed it was a new line facial massager. ‘Ideal for office stress,’ I replied, gazing at my new little baby Black Pearl affectionately.

‘It’s light,’ another began, to conclude that it felt quite fab pressed against the junction of their neck and shoulder. Its gentle hum, or vibration, added more points.

I didn’t reveal its elite sex toy status. I would like to point out that I had not, as yet, intimately trialed the Nea. Nonetheless, it proved to be an interesting non sexual experiment. I did fear for its safety; its floral décor, smooth texture, curves and lightness appealed to a high degree. Those I showed could not stop touching it, and neither could I after I returned home.

The LELO Nea makes a ideal gift, and its ingenious shape and lightness (39 grams of mind altering pleasure) make it a fantastic introduction to clitoral vibrators, especially for women who are yet to make their first purchase. A sex toy need not be shaped like a penis to provide pleasure when the clitoris is the prime pleasure zone. The Nea may be small, and fit in the palm of the hand, but this doesn’t limit its capacity to pleasure.

Nea is a chargeable toy, thus eliminating the need for battery purchase, and has a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. It comes with its own charger, and three socket outlets, that should enable anyone, from any part of the world, to charge it on any outlet. It operates on an internal Lithium battery, and once charged has a stand by time of up to 90 days. It takes two hours to charge fully, and can provide seven hours of erotic delights. Simple to use; it has two buttons, framed by a LED screen. The minus button acts to turn the toy off, and to descend from a high setting, whereas the plus button increases the intensity of the vibration.

Fully charged, and ready to go, I initially whirled it up and down, over my pants. There are no marked lines that demarcate vibration levels, as you increase the intensity using the + button. Spontaneity lies in the Nea’s simplicity. I pressed until I reached the highest intensity, and felt comfortable with the fact that its soft hum didn’t remind me of a large dentist drill (that resonates with every suture in your skull). This toy can be safely placed in your panties; it was the most fun I had washing the dishes for a long time.

Things heated up in my boudoir. I introduced it to my pudenda, one that has been accustomed to directBlack2  digital stimulation for a few years now, and rested the Nea so its pleasure point curved over my clitoris. Reaching orgasm in this position takes a little longer, but it’s pleasurable just the same. The merits of its shape enable a comfortable grip. I started off by stimulating the outskirts, the crease between both sets of labia, arcing the pleasure point around the area. It offered a steady, gentle hum. I then roved further inward, caressing the inner labia, working my way upward to tease the clitoral hood, where I remained.

The curved shape of the pleasure point offers gentle stimulation, regardless of the setting. The Nea’s shape guarantees a smooth ride, regardless of intensity. There is no danger of overshooting the mark, for your clitoris to cry out in pain or discomfort. My strokes varied. At my clitoris, I started with the tried and tested circular strokes that reminded me of my fingers, with added pizzazz. I then worked the pleasure point up and down, from clitoris to perineum. The steady vibration extended to my urethra, and added vivid hues or spices to the experience.

Throughout all this, I felt myself relax, right down to my feet while my arousal ascended. I have to admit that it was a longer climb for me, not the same as my usual orgasmic outburst. Nonetheless, the fruits of my vibratory pleasure proved as the toy demands respect, and perhaps forces one to appreciate the steady climb. It was as I reached the peak, as I swirled the pleasure point over my clitoris (strangely enough, it brought to mind playing a guitar using a pick to pluck each note), that the first orgasmic rippled sashayed through; deliciously smooth, it was a far cry from the immediate orgasmic jolt I usually experience with manual stimulation. The Nea is a clitoral stimulator and serves this purpose, but it also stirs every skin receptor surrounding the clitoris, taking each receptor to the next quantum and keeping each receptor suspended in a pleasant state of arousal As an added post orgasmic bonus, I ran the pleasure point down, over my clitoris, to intensify the post orgasmic contractions.


Discreet, quiet vibration. Ideal if you’re sharing a residence and don’t want your roomies listening in. Barely audible under the covers.

Two buttons mean easy navigation. No knobs to twist and turn.

Ideal for gentle clitoral stimulation.

Ideal for any one new to sex toys and/or clitoral stimulators.

Its size minimizes travel dramas; can be locked by simultaneously pressing the +/- buttons to prevent accidental activation.

Packaging, shape and presentation make for an ideal romantic/sexy gift.

LELO products do not contain Phthaletes.

Orders from Black Label also include a plush pouch for luxurious storage.


Price: AUD $125.00, US $105.31, GBP 53.50 & EURO 78.83

LELO Nea is available from Lelo, and from many major sex toy distributors 

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