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April 13, 2008

Showbiz Shenanigans

You’d never think you’d see a female professional (agent) on television go into drama queen overload on national television and tell a fifteen year old contestant, "Visually, I get that you're beautiful. When you put all the other stuff on, you're a slut,’ and this was what Hollywood agent Marki Costello did. Okay she didn't actually say this to the fifteen year old, but what do you think the fifteen year old will think when she watches the show on television?

The contestant wasn’t wearing a garter belt, and she didn’t wear a revealing bra. She wore sequined shorts and a top that didn’t even reveal cleavage. Then again, you can see that in this here video below and judge for yourself. The show's people justify their show by saying that harsh critiques are only uttered to the parents, but how would any parent feel if they were told that their daughter looked like a slut?

So, what is a ‘slut’? Well, Marki Costello's definition can be seen in the below video.

I can’t say that this idiotic reality show illuminated me in any way and hopefully the children (and parents) who partook in it walked away realizing what a superficial industry showbusiness is (and that it has an 80% population of emotionally retarded morons posing as stars, agents and ex child stars), but more importantly what a pain in the  arse it is to be evaluated by mediocre people. If Bonaduce and Costello were so freaking fantastic in Hollywood, then why come all the way to Australia to evaluate (and emotionally torture) children and parents? I watched the premiere of this show last Wednesday thinking it would be insightful, and that it wouldn't be another shlock reality show (because of the children in it), but no, it was a circus of egos - and I'm not talking about the children, I'm talking about two big headed agents and one adult former child star.

Any show with a judging panel consisting of Bonaduce, Markson and Costello is a joke or would be a joke. Bonaduce isn’t one to judge, Costello is abrasive and histrionic, and Markson (Australian agent) signed up Corey Worthington whose claim to fame is advertising a party on MySpace and having his parent’s house trashed by idiots - so who is he to spot talent? I think that was what pissed me off the most. There was Max Markson criticizing kids who had some ability (they weren't professional), and spent some time on their performances, when the reality is that he doesn't care because he's signed up a surly teenager (with not one ounce of personality, let alone talent).

The three judges on My Kid is a Star are cartoon characters and Cameron Daddo should have learned from his axed pirate ship reality television show. Then again most judges on these reality television shows are cartoon characters. The only positive thing about My Kid is a Star is that it is an eye opener for parents to get real and encourage their children to focus on their educations and careers that aren't run by exploitative assholes like certain reality television show producers.

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