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August 20, 2008

The Paradox That is Feminism

Madonna Columnists can be predictable and they often use their spaces (and columns) to shamelessly advertise their books. They often write tripe that isn't significant, but they'll find a way to tie the tripe to one of their books. A sentence will end with, "an issue that I have discussed in my last book," (book title highlighted and linked on Amazon) or something similar. I've stopped reading columnists on a regular level, and tend to be drawn to items that are highlighted elsewhere, that relate to issues that I find interesting, like the way known feminists criticize other women, trying to mask their jealousies (what else could it be?) with intellectual bullshit. The story involving Germaine Greer and Monica Ali, where the former busily launches critiques, supporting a lobby to stop film production. Now what business is it of Greer's to help stop production of a film based on a fictional novel?

The thing that gets me about feminism is that it can be –sarcastically- referred to as feminazism. And I say that with my tongue firmly implanted in my cheek. If a woman doesn't subscribe to a particular feminist ideology or think-tank, then she isn't part of the group. She is on the outer. She can be mocked, ridiculed, harassed, and on it goes. Such is the paradox of feminism. If a group of women prefer to believe in a particular set of values and they keep those values to themselves, then fine, but when they start launching attacks, then people have to really look at the underlying motivation behind the attack by assessing the types of insecurities that lie beneath. For example, I tend to view zealous anti-porn feminists with skepticism. Sure it's about wanting to end exploitation, but is it? Or is it more reflective of negative sexual experiences? Why should I really care if a woman chooses to work as a porn star or escort when the choice isn't forced on her?

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