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May 19, 2008

The No 1 Fashion Victim

Victoriadvb1There's been something that has been bugging me for almost a week. I spotted it in one of my regular celeb-goss blog reads, and I can't shake it because I think that this pair of jeans has to be one of the worst jeans of all time. The fashion victim is one Victoria Beckham, and the jeans are absolutely horrible. For one, she is wearing high heels under those jeans, and the hems are far too long, and they'd cause a minor mishap.

Each time I see Victoria I think, 'okay what is she wearing now, and how many ounces has she lost in order to fit into it?' It's as though her main aim in life is to squish herself into the tiniest outfit, and few outfits do her justice. She always looks like a lollypop - thin body, huge head. And I know that many publications mention her facial expression, and how dour she looks. Even Victoria has responded to such comments about looking like a 'miserable' cow, and she downplays it, saying it's the way her face is, but her face is the way it is because she is so thin and gaunt - and  it's not just her, but many women think that this a healthy look to have.

She looked much healthier (and prettier) with a few more kilograms.

Image source: Celebitchy blog

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