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August 12, 2007

The Eye of the Beholder

I did take the plunge this evening. It ate at me from within, the urge skipping through my thoughts. Sat_003 Without heading into the much detailed realm of personal meanings and things, all I'll say is that I shed a bit of blood, and had the left eye of Horus (or the Eye of Thoth) etched into my skin. It's an an ancient Egyptian symbol, and I'd be here all night if I had to discuss its origin, and the significance of the left eye. More important to me, is the other meaning; resurrection and renewal.

My son can't stop raving about it, 'it's so cool!' whereas his dad, my ex, is by and large unimpressed. How will it be dealt with at work, and 'it's so visible!' People, as far as I'm concerned, can deal with it. My flesh, not theirs.

Excuse the redness; it's a few hours old.

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