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August 24, 2008

Olympic Closure, London Preview & the Missing Backdoor Man

Olympic_closeA new one for my There is a God category.

The Beijing Olympic closing ceremony is pretty. The only thing that was a little wrong was the London preview with that dreadful logo and five seconds of David Beckham (wtf? he isn't an Olympian, what a wasted airfare that was). The only good thing was the dancing, because the dancers represented the ethnic diversity and Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) accompanying Leona Lewis on Whole Lotta Love.

Imagine how tragic it could have been if they had chosen Keith Richards to stand on that bus? Hence, There is a God...

The only thing missing from Whole Lotta Love at the closing ceremony were these lyrics from the song:

"Shake for me girl, I wanna be your backdoor man..."

Yes, I'm crass. What else is new?

Image: Yahoo 7 closing ceremony

July 02, 2008

There is a God

I was on Twitter when the idea of a new category came to mind - thanks to Jason Calacanis. His Twitter sparked my synapses. The first thought?

There is a God....
How many events or moments inspire you to say or think it?

For me it was Jason Calacanis' updated Twitter. Starbucks has closed 600 stores in the US. I'm crossing my fingers for Australia to follow suit. Starbucks isn't coffee. It's a travesty. I know, I know, this means many people are out of work and that is terrible, but going by Australian Starbucks - the product needs to be good and not mediocre. A regular coffee at Starbucks (in Sydney) can set you back four dollars, and it's not the greatest coffee in the world. You can buy a fantastic cup at an independent cafe for half the price - and the coffee is always better. Then again, the first sign of economic prolapse is reduced spending on basic pleasures; coffee is one of those minor everyday pleasures or indulgences but if it isn't anything fantastic to begin with, chances are that it will be the first thing to go. Why pay four dollars per cup, when you can bring your own jar of instant to work? C'mon, Starbucks is all about the brand and sometimes a brand isn't enough to keep a product going if the quality is so-so.

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