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September 13, 2008

The Poor Man's Howard Stern: Kyle Sandilands

Kylesandilands_narrowweb__300x3940 Kyle Sandilands is considered, by some idiots here in Australia (like a portion of the management at the Austereo Network, sorry dudes, but what else can be said about Kyle?), to be a ‘shock jock’ but most of the time he comes off as an arrogant twat, because he is an arrogant twat. He is also a judge on Australian Idol, has no real idea about music and happens to offer superficial opinions toward people who have real talent. He can’t sing, but he has been known to make comments about contestant wardrobes (and weight) on Australian Idol, focusing more on putting down females (even though he's visibly overweight himself), but his most recent faux pas occurred when he couldn’t handle the heat on radio when indigenous Australian/television host Ernie Dingo gave him a serve after hearing a distasteful radio introduction.

I think Dingo encapsulated everything perfectly:

"Your game is to sensationalise things and you're just basically a commercial wanker."

What is incredible about Australian radio is the the number of jocks that have no real qualifications. Most are early school leavers that simply have a gift of the gab, 'velvet' voices (John Laws) or thrive on controversy, and that is all they do. They aren't capable of giving a balanced view on anything, most are one sided, and it's amazing to think that they are paid incredible amounts to be on radio. Many of these hosts say the most horrible things about people they don't interact with, just to be controversial. John Laws, for example, started going on about Carson Kressley. For nothing. I doubt that Carson even knew who John Laws was, but John Laws decided to call him a 'pillow biter' on live air, and he was made to apologize after gay and lesbian groups got on his case.

One of the positive things about podcasting is that podcasts give people a choice, and I think podcasts will be a definite threat for most radio networks within the next few years, especially if they continue to hire obnoxious radio jocks. Advertisers aren't going to be interested in shitty commercial radio shows with idiotic radio announcers like Kyle Sandilands.

The Austereo Network has become wankier over the years, with nasty breakfast radio hosts on 2Day FM, and really, who listens for the music anymore? There are far too many adverts, and one would think that advertisers would invest their money on other radio shows, television shows, online media and print media rather than invest in the Kyle and Jackie O morning show. They're both below par, as they proved to be when they hosted Big Brother 2008.

Kyle, like others, tries to ape US radio jock, Howard Stern, it's quite obvious, but he doesn't have the charisma.

August 15, 2008

Literary Spats: Germaine Vs Rushdie

I like new words, or coming across words I hardly use. Today's word, courtesy of Salman Rushdie, is deracinate. He used it in a sentence describing Germaine Greer's support of the Brick Lane activists that don’t want film production to go ahead in Brick Lane. In relation to his Satanic Verses (and Germaine Greer), Salman is quoted:

"She went on to describe me as 'a megalomaniac, an Englishman with dark skin'. Now it's Monica Ali's turn to be deracinated by Germaine."

Deracinated: uprooted or to displace someone from their accustomed environment; literary fiction authors and their big words. Uprooted would suffice.

Literary spats are like soap operas. I can't say I'm a big fan of The Satanic Verses. It was my first exposure to Rushdie. I found the introductory chapters of that book nightmarish and shambolic. I'll keep saying it until I'm blue: if the Satanic Verses was written by a new writer or first time novelist, it would have been rejected but because there's a literary name behind the novel, it goes to press, the controversy (fatwah) is used for publicity and the rest is history. I haven't been in a hurry to pick up another Rushdie novel due to the SV but if I had to compare the two, Germaine Greer makes my bile simmer; she started with feminism to arrive at the point where everything has the capacity to piss her off – dead people included. She used Princess Diana as a side-on controversy to plug her last book.

The person in the middle of this literary sandwich is author Monica Ali. She has to cope with Greer's analysis of her novel.

In her Guardian article (24 July) that Rushdie mentions, Germaine begins thus:

"Writers are treacherous; they will sneak up on you and write about you in terms that you don't recognise. They will take your reality, pull strands from it and weave them with their own impressions into a tissue that is more real than your reality because it is text."

What does one say in response to Germaine? That Brick Lane is a novel – hence – fiction? It's really 'funny' how no one points the finger at English authors (and by English I mean 'white' authors) when they use poetic license in their work, but if they're not, well watch out, because there'll be a Germaine Greer somewhere to correct the issue. Ah, the subtle hint of eau de racism.

Back to Salman Rushdie letter to The Guardian:

"Now it's Monica Ali's turn to be deracinated: "She writes in English and her point of view is, whether she allows herself to impersonate a village Bangladeshi woman or not, British." There is a kind of double racism in this argument. To suit Greer, the British-Bangladeshi Ali is denied her heritage and belittled for her Britishness, while her British-Bangladeshi critics are denied that same Britishness, which most of them would certainly insist was theirs by right."

What can be said about this, especially in relation to a novelist's right to write a novel? It's typical when an author's ethnicity varies. Ali isn't 100% Brit, but because she was born and raised in the UK, Greer makes a meal out of it,  as though it is forbidden for an author to explore one culture - even if it isn't their dominant culture (in terms of language and tradition). It would be like having an Aussie telling me that I'm not really Greek enough (as I was born and raised here) and that I shouldn't dare explore my culture in the way I want to explore it. What do you say to such people? I know what I'd say. I'd tell them to 'get fucked and mind their own business.'

Maybe Greer is pissed because she hasn't received a movie deal for one of her books? No, it can't be that, can it? Rewind back to the hard baked relic that was feminism or the feminism of Greer's epoch, and there are contradictions. Here she is supporting a group that is protesting a novel based film written by a female author. I really don't make it a part of my day to read female or feminist columnists in the Guardian because they tend to go for the jugular or make a federal case out of something so small, and if they don't do that, they're creating bullshit polemic so they can maintain their public profiles. They're all white middle class feminists that live in pretty houses, have tenure or are so far up their arses they can no longer see daylight.

At the end of it all, when it is all weighed and assessed, Rushdie isn't half-way wrong when he says (of Germaine):

"Her support of the attack on this film project is philistine, sanctimonious, and disgraceful, but it is not unexpected."


For more coverage of this issue, visit PEN

August 04, 2008

A Payne in the Ass - Updated

My blog travels over the past three years have resulted in many positive things, things that may have not unfolded if I hadn’t commenced a blog. Shortly after blogging, I decided to try a new writing genre, and have experienced my own milestones, however that doesn’t exclude the fact of the web being a playground for people posing as good Samaritans. I’m always wary of men posing as feminists, and have been this way prior to blogging, probably because I’m aware of the way certain personality types (such as narcissists) evaluate an individual’s interest to take advantage.

One of the most disturbing blog events, or news, that has unfolded in the past few weeks concerns one Kyle Payne: male feminist. The short version: Despite his pro-feminist stance, Kyle violated/assaulted an intoxicated female student. He exposed her breast, and happened to have a camera on stand-by to capture the moment - without the student’s consent. The student was inebriated, so in the course of ‘helping’ her he had an impulse to see her breast.

He’s now written an open letter (or a magnum opus of bullshit) that explains ‘his’ side, and sure enough, it’s all about him. Its title reminds me of a perverted version of the L'Oreal ad "Because you're worth it". In Kyle's version it's because 'we deserve to know'.His apologetic smokescreen is unbelievable, but it’s there, but it’s really about him - what happened from his vantage-point. In other words, he’s a narcissist who plays the empathy card. He tries to muster up sympathy, using his own past abuse as a partial reason behind his ‘confusion,’ but how are you, or I to know about his sexual history? And this is what pisses me off about the history card. The past is the past, the adult is the adult. Adults have choices, and as Kyle Payne was intelligent enough to enter tertiary educational institutions to gain an education, he’d surely be aware of that, so using the ‘woe is me and my past’ card is piss-poor. I can’t stand the way he highlights certain portions in his letter to draw the reader’s eye away from the remainder. As it’s said, the devil is in the details, and reading between the lines (or bold text) makes for interesting reading - because he constantly refers to the things ‘he’s lost.’

At the end of the day, he’s a narcissist. He should serve time in jail, and his professional losses are all his fault. He’s made the choice -as an adult male - to violate a woman’s privacy.

Last but not least, his open letter or ‘blog post’ highlights the hypocrisy that can be. He’s closed all comments (yes Kyle, 'we deserve to know', but we don't deserve any discourse - you chicken-shit),  preventing the ‘feminists’ he so admires, from responding. What annoys me about men like Kyle? He’s an insult to other men out there who are trying to make a difference and don't mistreat women, and there are many out there. The portion of narcissistic predators, like Payne, is minor and it is their self publicity on the web that increases their profile. I mean, here am I, in Sydney Australia and I am fully aware of the Kyle Payne saga. Go Kyle! I bet you didn't expect that, eh? But if you're expecting this woman to digest your bullshit letter, think again.

Is it possible that Kyle will relocate, possibly to another country, now that his future (or 'losses') has been upended due to his criminal record as a sex offender? And that's the thing. Is there an international registry of sex offenders? If there isn't, there ought to be, so people are aware of new arrivals in their neighborhood. There is nothing more destructive to an individual's freedom and sexual autonomy, than a sex offender/predator. Despite the complete political incorrectness of it, I'm all for the creation of an island (a new Alcatraz) for the world's sex offenders, and sentencing them on that island for the term of their natural lives. All this 'counseling' and PC rubbish is an insult. Because there is no amount of counseling for a victim of sexual assault that will make that victim accept or empathize (with their attacker). They have to live with it forever, but the assailant - like Kyle Payne - uses 'spin' to dissociate from the matter - in a blog out of all places. It's all about what 'they' have lost.

If Kyle Payne thinks that his email campaign is going to result in support (that he can present in a court trial?), then he is a few slices short of a loaf.


UPDATE on the Blogosphere so far, or how other bloggers feel about Kyle Payne's hypocrisy & outrageous court/legal request:


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June 30, 2008

Amy Vision @ Glastonbury

Another stellar performance from Amy Winehouse....? The chanteuse of the new millennium? Forget rehab...more like anger management.

May 19, 2008

My Morning on Youtube or If Hitler had YouTube

YouTube is fun, interesting, mind boggling and so many things my brain can't process just after 9am. I'm still drinking my morning coffee. I'm halfway through my second cigarette, and thought I'd give YouTube a whirl (for funny vids), and the first thought that entered my mind (when I watched the below video), was the way many people use YouTube to become online celebrities or stars. The term, 'online personality,' has a recent Youtube_2 offshoot – the Youtube personality, or Z grade celebrity. I'll just say that the below YouTube item inspired me to create a new blog category titled, 'too many freaks and not enough circuses.' It made me wonder: imagine if history's most notorious dictators and despots had YouTube? What would Hitler and Idi Amin do with YouTube?

Many think that a library of videos on YouTube will open the door to media stardom, but it usually works for novelty side show acts, or fly by nights that are highly entertaining. This video by Blunty is not entertaining, and received a bunch of negative responses, and I can see the reasons behind the negative comments The viewpoint is shambolic, containing a bunch of generalizations and it can further be classified as a hate video. It is badly planned, and rather mundane, and although the issue of free speech does crop up, it is masked with person's emotional response and ill prepared dialogue/commentary, which is riddled with numerous gaffs and sensationalism. He may as well add swastika’s and call the US The Fatherland for further effect, and this is the issue I have with some YouTube videos. Many wannabe YouTube ‘video’ columnists have inflated egos.

There are a portion of Australians who are pissed about the Iraq war, there are Americans who are pissed about this war, there are many other countries pissed about this war, but sitting there whining about Australia mobilizing for every war (due to America) is infantile. It's the sort of complaint that should also be directed toward the federal government. Also, the comment about the doctor denied access to the United States is preceded with, "I don't know the reasons why." If one doesn't know the reasons why, then why speak?

Blunty goes on to say that he is frightened of traveling to the United States, and he is more frightened now that he has added his video on an 'American' server.

Then why post a lame video to begin with? Oh wait, it may be about the fantasy of scoring some Jay Leno type media deal? What is it with people?

"I'm too scared to make this video," but he has already made the video and has posted the video on YouTube. D'oh! The paranoia component is amusing: the idea of Blunty being cavity searched in the US for this video. He even puts tickets on himself, like his view (on this video) is so important and controversial. It's just plain stupid...then again, I can see the angry logic behind giving this dude a cavity search. Let's just say that it wouldn't be about the security threat.

Oh yeah, I think this video by Blunty ought to be banned for its stupidity, and screw ‘free speech.’ There ought to be new legislation forbidding content produced by stupid people. As for Australian people on YouTube ranting about other countries? They should concentrate their frustrated toward our own home grown bullshit, like the current Australian federal government's Bolshevik Budget and the huge Medicare 'underestimation.' Here is one horrifying's a well-kept secret.

No government is perfect.

That aside, it gives me great comfort to know that there is always some wannabe political animal on YouTube to set the world straight and provide cosmic wisdom to those of us who are out of the loop in a world that is saturated with information.

(Italics = sarcasm)

Image: My own YouTube mock-up that I'll probably will probably see my virtual ass slapped, but there ought to be some form of classification system on YouTube.

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