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April 13, 2008

Tosser of the Week

I created a new category today. It's titled 'tossers' and it was inspired by a post I read in Celebitchy about The Donald. I may not know what it's like being a billionaire with a pompadour-ish hairdo, but I do know what it's like being the parent of a teenage son.

If a woman doesn't look like a Miss Universe pageant contender, then Donald doesn't like it. If that women points out his transgressions, then that woman is a 'pig' and this man has a bee in his comb over.  Now what made Donald a matinee idol? If he didn't have all the cash he has he'd be holding the Guinness Book record for sexual dry spells with the personality that he displays.

It's one thing to disagree on points, and express those points but to brand a mother (Rosie O'Donnell) abusive to the media is spineless, low and misogynistic. Then again, how courageous would this tosser be without his money?

Ergo, the Donald is crowned tosser of the week.

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