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March 26, 2008

Premier Bordellos - Stiletto

Bordellos encapsulate the ‘forbidden.’ Where I live, they are plentiful, and often exist in suburbs. The majority are legal, and if you walk past any one of them at any time, you would not be any wiser. Many resemble conventional terrace houses, and others are situated above ground floor level.

When you become aware of one, you often wonder what it is like - if you haven’t entered a bawdy house.

Bordellos are interesting, for the girls and the ambiance. Stiletto is an exclusive Sydney bordello that has impeccable original erotic art, fine furnishings and fine women -not to mention a user friendly web site.

Their rooms are to die for. I wish my bedroom partially resembled the Moulin Rouge, James Bond or Roman Orgy rooms.

February 11, 2007

My Suburb is So Kickass...

It made it in the NEW YORK TIMES.

So there...

Come here and kiss my big Greek butt :D

I found it in another local blog, Marrickvillia, that's put together by Dr Meredith Jones.

June 22, 2005

Holidays with an Adult Twist

Being the semi-pervert that I am, only because I’m taking a backseat (without any action) at this point I stumbled on something that would leave Mr Roark with his mouth hanging open. Tatou, with shock and rising intrigue wouldn’t even bother shouting, ‘Da Plane! Da Plane!’, because he would pack his bags and leave Fantasy Island.
There are holidays and there are holidays. The realms presented on adult film represent sexual fantasies and touring such realms, behind the scenes in addition to mingling with the very people would provide the fantasy holiday. A person can also be an extra (no sex) in that adult film as well as have the opportunity to shoot a solo masturbation scene with one of the girls on their own camera. That’s a switch from video taping tourist eye sores isn’t it?

And Sir Branson thinks ‘Virgin’ is a provocative name?

I’m telling you, Virgin Air doesn’t have holiday packages that Porn Week has.

So if anyone is interested in Prague (July holiday), what are you waiting for? For the porn coinnosseur or the creative sexual couple, this type of holiday package is a sure change from hanging out on beaches and spending days in hotel rooms going at it like Duracell rabbits. There's plenty of time for bedroom sex after marriage when one really thinks about it.

I'll keep this holiday package innovation in mind for when I win the Lotto.

June 19, 2005

How to Maximize the Net 'Lay'

One of my earlier posts features a whacked out diatribe on an Online Lothario who screwed up. His screw up got him kicked out of a dating club, because of female complaints. The reality is that all dating sites feature a large percentage of males that seek ‘fun’ without definitive commitment. The other reality is that western women don’t like being part of a harem and they’ll always waver toward exclusivity regardless of all their pro-sex banter. It doesn’t matter how straightforward you are as a male, a woman, for some reason (family conditioning, social expectations, media influence, add whatever social phenomenon you desire) will always seek to ‘change’ a male. I know this, because I’ve attempted to do it a decade ago, and I was enlightened like a seer after I faced the music.

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