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August 30, 2008

Genetically Modified Orgasms

I'm not going to comment about the Labor Federal Government's latest (idiotic) education policy or how Julia Gillard pisses me off. You really can't blame me for thinking politicians here are twats...Labor...Liberal, I'm an equal opportunity person...actually, all politicians around the globe; it is as though these people are born with a twat chromosome. I can't understand how a portion of the human population even bothers to take these people seriously. Look at what we have to put up with in Australia. Now, imagine if Dubya made a gaff like this:

July 11, 2008

YouTube Spice

DH Spicy has been blogging about adult sites for quite a while now, and has put together a video promotion via YouTube that includes a number of blogs/links. I'm chuffed to be included. You can check out the video on his blog or on YouTube.

May 30, 2008

A Hillary Spoof...

I almost choked on my coffee when the gay assassin in the video told Hillary's character that she ought to have a HIV test.

May 19, 2008

My Morning on Youtube or If Hitler had YouTube

YouTube is fun, interesting, mind boggling and so many things my brain can't process just after 9am. I'm still drinking my morning coffee. I'm halfway through my second cigarette, and thought I'd give YouTube a whirl (for funny vids), and the first thought that entered my mind (when I watched the below video), was the way many people use YouTube to become online celebrities or stars. The term, 'online personality,' has a recent Youtube_2 offshoot – the Youtube personality, or Z grade celebrity. I'll just say that the below YouTube item inspired me to create a new blog category titled, 'too many freaks and not enough circuses.' It made me wonder: imagine if history's most notorious dictators and despots had YouTube? What would Hitler and Idi Amin do with YouTube?

Many think that a library of videos on YouTube will open the door to media stardom, but it usually works for novelty side show acts, or fly by nights that are highly entertaining. This video by Blunty is not entertaining, and received a bunch of negative responses, and I can see the reasons behind the negative comments The viewpoint is shambolic, containing a bunch of generalizations and it can further be classified as a hate video. It is badly planned, and rather mundane, and although the issue of free speech does crop up, it is masked with person's emotional response and ill prepared dialogue/commentary, which is riddled with numerous gaffs and sensationalism. He may as well add swastika’s and call the US The Fatherland for further effect, and this is the issue I have with some YouTube videos. Many wannabe YouTube ‘video’ columnists have inflated egos.

There are a portion of Australians who are pissed about the Iraq war, there are Americans who are pissed about this war, there are many other countries pissed about this war, but sitting there whining about Australia mobilizing for every war (due to America) is infantile. It's the sort of complaint that should also be directed toward the federal government. Also, the comment about the doctor denied access to the United States is preceded with, "I don't know the reasons why." If one doesn't know the reasons why, then why speak?

Blunty goes on to say that he is frightened of traveling to the United States, and he is more frightened now that he has added his video on an 'American' server.

Then why post a lame video to begin with? Oh wait, it may be about the fantasy of scoring some Jay Leno type media deal? What is it with people?

"I'm too scared to make this video," but he has already made the video and has posted the video on YouTube. D'oh! The paranoia component is amusing: the idea of Blunty being cavity searched in the US for this video. He even puts tickets on himself, like his view (on this video) is so important and controversial. It's just plain stupid...then again, I can see the angry logic behind giving this dude a cavity search. Let's just say that it wouldn't be about the security threat.

Oh yeah, I think this video by Blunty ought to be banned for its stupidity, and screw ‘free speech.’ There ought to be new legislation forbidding content produced by stupid people. As for Australian people on YouTube ranting about other countries? They should concentrate their frustrated toward our own home grown bullshit, like the current Australian federal government's Bolshevik Budget and the huge Medicare 'underestimation.' Here is one horrifying's a well-kept secret.

No government is perfect.

That aside, it gives me great comfort to know that there is always some wannabe political animal on YouTube to set the world straight and provide cosmic wisdom to those of us who are out of the loop in a world that is saturated with information.

(Italics = sarcasm)

Image: My own YouTube mock-up that I'll probably will probably see my virtual ass slapped, but there ought to be some form of classification system on YouTube.

May 10, 2008

Two Pussies on a Treadmill

Yeah yeah, great title huh? You can hate me later or after you see this HILARIOUS YouTube vid:

March 28, 2008

Secret Lives of Women

I found the following on You Tube and couldn't stop viewing them. The series is called The Secret Lives of Women, and it shows the other side of women, or the side that isn't normally shown to co-workers, friends, and family.

I think the title defeats the secret, because it is broadcast and the secret is gone, but it is interesting to watch. The video below may be found to be offensive by some people, but it shows another side of law enforcement and investigation.

Now the next story they need on that show is sex blogging. I think that would qualify as a secret life for many.

More information on the show, which premieres on 1 April, here.

March 22, 2008

Male Sexual Control

What goes on in the male mind during the opportune moment?

I’ve always wondered about the impulsive palm job that comes out of nowhere or the ‘we have lift off’ moment that confirms you’re going to get some action.

January 25, 2008

Wanna Date?

What was the world like before YouTube? Well, for a start, you had to wait a week to watch the next episode of your favorite sit-com, and there were few outlets for quirky shorts. I decided to unwind, and visit YouTube. It's been a few days since my last hit, so I typed in 'funny date' and came up with the below.

It may be inelegant to joke around about pubic lice or crabs, it's the type of thing that one laughs at after a few years, in my case more than a decade. Lisa Simpson created a new world using Bart's tooth and Coke? Well, sleep with the wrong person, and you too can create a little colony of crab-like creatures between your legs. I like the below video, it combines the dreaded pubic louse with the other phenomenon of our era - Online Dating.

The second video cracked me up because it mocks Al Pacino's, 'say hello to my little friend!' But I could work. A woman could do this to a guy if she isn't thrilled after the first ten minutes of meeting him.

June 28, 2007

Maquillage - Evolution (by Dove)

I bought myself a glossy magazine over the last fortnight, and felt odd as I leafed through it. Without naming the publication, I could not believe (or a part of me did, although I denied it at the time) the extent of airbrushed fantasy staring back from the pages.

Female beauty today may as well be termed Digital Beauty; everything is tweaked the right way. Neck’sDoveevolutionscreen  are lengthened, eyebrows shaped (without a perfunctory pluck from a makeup artist), and complexions smoothed to a frightful level of flawlessness.

Dove soap has taken the issue of beauty to the next level. In the Seventies and Eighties, brands such as Lux or Camay, would flirt with the idea of natural beauty, but Dove has gone to different lengths to detail the illusory world of commercial beauty.

Dove's Evolution commercial, won Commercial of the Year (2007) in Cannes.

The advert, a startling depiction of modern beauty techniques, offers a stark and somewhat disturbing insight into the lengths taken to obliterate supposed flaws.

Continue reading "Maquillage - Evolution (by Dove)" »

June 20, 2007

'This is Big Brother: Pucker Up'

  I randomly surfed the net tonight, and ended up on YouTube for my regular dose of Rammstein, when I decided to delve into the vaults of sauciness and I stumbled on the singular reason as to why Australian Big Brother has to be the most boring scrap of viewing.

The clip (YouTube) below reminds me of times where random kisses occurred. These may be the result of random nightclub snogs, or spin the bottle nights you’ve experienced. You’re dared to kiss someone that you think you’d never kiss in a lifetime, and when you do, it snowballs into this neuronal pleasure ball that leaves you thinking, ‘oh my effing (whatever).’ You know you’ve enjoyed it immensely, in fact you’d like it to carry on, but you’re so overwhelmed that you can only laugh at the event, in an attempt to pass it off as a bit of fun, even though it thrilled you right down to your toes or enough to make your toes curl.

The current wave of Big Brother in Australia, like its recent predecessors, can be summed up as politically correct drivel. If one watched it from the other side of the globe and used it as a sexual compass, one would think that we’re holding the Miss (or Mr) World Abstinence Pageant. Big Brother Australia has gone downhill in the last three to four years, with boob massages, boobs and itsy bitsy perfunctory kisses.

Australia, during the era of Chances, Alvin Purple and Number 96 (especially Number 96) was great for nudity on television, but in the last couple of years we've transformed into the land of blurred out tits and arse, which sucks. Where did this blurred boob thing come from anyway? Which dumbkopf thought of blurring out tits and arse? Thank goodness we have the SBS Channel here, that way we do get to see full bodied sex scenes, rather than choreographed bits of cheesy crap, and a few cool HBO shows.

Thank the good lord for Europe, and all things European, including sexual attitudes. Check out the few Euro Big Brother bits I've pasted below.

From UK Big Brother, we have - what I think - is one of the hottest random girlie kisses:

From Big Brother Norway, there is the below hot still:


Then there's Big Brother Finland

You have to click this for a larger image, but it's raunchy:



And below, is Big Brother Germany or Jacuzzi Sex:

Bb_germany_2So there you have it. My visual-logical argument on why Australian Big Brother should be AXED.

I'm tired of watching a pack of blonde bimbos (BB 2007 in particular) having Lite Bitch fights.

Completely over watching a mob of Nancy/Sissy boys bitch and whine about everything, from who is eating more porridge, to who hid the toilet paper roll.

Aussie housemates who are so vocabularly challenged, they use words like 'hypocriticism' instead of hypocrisy (for Christ's sake!), among other words. Not to mention the libidinally challenged.

PS: excuse my crap formatting; I got a little excited after watching the YouTube video!

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