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July 29, 2008

Perve 2.0

The convenience that gadgets offer has also enhanced the methods to gather all types of information and it doesn't take a genius to figure that most new technologies are used to enhance naughty pursuits. Take the iPhone. Gizmodo has an interesting article on the prevalence of up-skirt photography in Japan and how the camera feature in the Japanese iPhone has been modified to make a shutter sound -all the time. Apparently there are ways to override this, but it's interesting to see how manufacturers try and even when they do try, there is always a method to override a feature.

What options do Japanese women have? Do they stop wearing skirts? Is up-skirt photography really terrible when the center feature is...well...the undergarment and not the face? It's possibly the most anonymous photography styles out there. Women who are photographed this way, without their knowledge of course, would experience less fall-out, however if they're aware of it after the picture is taken, then it can be a legal issue (harassment). Up-skirt photography has its own unique brand of sleaziness. It's executed in a stealthy manner and it's quite immature or adolescent. I don't know how many women would react if they found out or realized they were part of an up-skirt picture minutes after the photo was taken. What do you do? Chase the bloke? Do you grab the phone and do a Bjork impersonation, punching the 'photographer' in the face? There is one positive. If a woman catches the sneaky photographer in the act, she can live out her celebrity vs paparazzi moment, and really go for it - indulge in a huge hissy fit, and mangle his iPhone, stuffing up the warranty.

Gee, it seems like yesterday that a big deal was being made about having adult content on the portable Playstation, and now it seems so yester-decade. What next? Holographic sexual content?

Also, to female (and male) visitors/readers, I'm hosting an upcoming carnival on sexual freedom and autonomy, and if you have links you'd like to be included, please e-mail them through.

July 22, 2008

iPhone Confusion in Australia

I’m not sure how other countries run their telecommunications operations but one thing is true in Australia. Australian Telcos are still regulated and the iPhone is creating many headaches for users. It makes you wonder why data is so expensive on a monthly basis. Personally, I’ve never understood why it costs so much to have access to wireless Internet and there is never any real explanation during my time working within that industry. It’s how it is. It’s how it’s priced. There is no real hard data supporting the high monthly cost of accessing wireless Internet.

The iPhone and the confusing payment plans have baffled users and the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Association) is set to investigate the numerous (confusing) iPhone plans offered by carriers. The ACCC has warned users to be wary as the iPhone 3G technology enables quick download of high amounts of data, which can mean higher costs. The three main Telcos in Australia have been criticized over their confusing phone plans for the iPhone: 1GB and 2GB isn’t adequate for intensive web browsing and other plans that offer higher data allowances limit the user to casual web browsing. It raises the other question:

What is the point? Isn’t it better to use the Internet at home and avoid being slugged by an excess data fee?

And there is more proof that wireless access need not be expensive. Rogers (Canada) reduced its monthly iPhone data fee to $C30.00 from $C100.00 for six gigabytes.

Are customers being charged an unnecessary amount for wireless Internet access?

It may be thought that regulation is bad. I know that certain telco CEO's whine about regulation but if regulation didn't exist, then these companies would be charging an arm and a leg (within Australia).

iPhones are a white elephant in Australia. If a person really needs one  for work/business (I don't know why, it's not like it'll kill people to press buttons - will touch screens extend life spans?) and can afford the confusing price plans, go for it, but if it's to impress others on buses, restaurants and trains, then I honestly feel sorry for them. 2 Megapixel

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but in relation to the iPhone, it may not keep the debt collector away when excessive data usage enters the game.

July 10, 2008


My two cents on the iPhone: A phone with most features (including web browsing, email, MP3, etc) but with a crappy camera. Hey, it sounds like my Nokia. It sounds like any other mobile phone with a 2 Megapixel camera.
Frankly, I don’t understand all the hype. If you can’t hold it in, you can read a four page article on the wonderful, jazzy iPhone. If you’re in Australia, you can confuse yourself with the pricing plans on offer. The Telcos here are a great bunch that will help you with any issue you have (excuse me while I take a short break to laugh until I pee myself).
Me? I’d rather read Tolstoy’s War and Peace.

Then again, this Australian iPhone hype may - if we're lucky- overshadow Pope Benedict's upcoming visit, the gay Raelian display/protest and a bunch of former Australian Idol finalists singing their little lungs out.

July 08, 2008

Addictions or The Game Geek Within

I'm a sucker for PC games (complete game geek), and when my favorite games are upgraded or extended there's nothing stopping me. I got online in 1999 and Diablo was my game of choice. Since then, extension packs and a sequel have been released, and now the most recent version of Diablo is almost here: Diablo III.

What can I look forward to? A few more late nights. I love this game and can't wait until its release in 2009. Here's a trailer.

Click here for the official Diablo 3 site.

July 04, 2008

12 Terabytes of Fun!

Copyright infringement is a serious issue and it became serious when Viacom decided to sue YouTube. The latest development: Viacom has requested viewer logs to see the viewing habits of millions of users. According to a recent court ruling, Google has to hand over an estimated 4 terabytes of information:

The viewing log, which will be handed to Viacom, contains the log-in ID of users, the computer IP address (online identifier) and video clip details.

While the legal battle between the two firms is being contested in the US, it is thought the ruling will apply to YouTube users and their viewing habits everywhere.

I'd hate to be part of a team that trudged through a hefty load of data. Is the privacy issue significant where massive data is concerned? I tend to think, 'the poor bastards.'  Google has taken measures to prevent copyright infringement since the billion dollar lawsuit was launched, but it could be a little too late if Viacom gets what it wants, and it would be justified. Think of all the film clips on YouTube (film, television shows and music). Who receives royalties from them? No one. The SAG talks (concerning artists/actors and royalties) can also relate to the YouTube issue. How many performers/actors/musicians are on YouTube? Plenty. Will YouTube be transformed pay per view service?

July 02, 2008

Clean the F$%^king Toilet You F$#%%!

Browsing the web, as one normally does, I arrived upon this treasure of a web site named Passive-Aggressive (and just plain aggressive) Notes, and it deals with annoying work related communiqué. I, like many (I presume), don’t really mind work email. It’s a fact of life and it can increase work speed. It’s the other types of emails that I hate, that are written with the voice of a terse disciplinarian, that address you like you have an IQ of 1.

This image of a work note, on a toilet door, reminded me of an email that came through at work a few months ago - without the suicide reference. It was sent to all the females on the floor, reminding them to use the sanitary bin and the tone of the email wasn’t pleasant and along the lines of, ‘which filthy bitch left a pad in the toilet?’

Is such passive aggression necessary in the workplace? I don’t think it is, but it can be contagious. There you are, with a computer in front of you each day, and it becomes habitual. I suppose group emails are better than a live intercom with a disconnected yell but passive aggression isn’t the best form of communication.

June 16, 2008

"I can be whatever you want me to be"

I’ve added a little widget on the left sidebar and despite the number of subscribers and whatnot of this blog, I’m surprised I have one suggestion. The widget is a topic suggestion box that enables anyone to suggest a topic. The reason behind adding this widget relates to the three year duration of this blog and the fact that I don’t expect people to go back through archives to read stuff. Shit, I can’t be bothered navigating through blog archives dating back three years.

The first suggested topic is my first internet date. Whoever suggested this, thank you very much but you’ll probably be as disappointed as I was during my first internet date. I wouldn’t call it a date. It was my first meet up with a person who had provided salacious flirtation via a chat room. They used an enigmatic user name and had -what I thought as a chat neophyte, back then - a way with erotic words. I realized this wasn’t the case a few years later, but during the time I thought ‘oh wow.’

One’s first experience with cyber sex can be more memorable than the first physical sexual experience and this is probably due to the intellectual aspect of the encounter. First time sex, or the clumsy deflowering moment is often filed away in the ‘too cringe worthy to recall’ drawer, but the first cyber sexual experience works on the intellectual as well as the physical - especially if it unfolds in a public place. You can’t relieve the sexual itch in a public library.

When the day of the meeting arrived - weeks after - the anticipation was as tight as a girdle, doing horrible things to my insides. I felt giddy, my stomach filled with wasps by the time I entered the venue with a friend. I brought her for moral support. What if I fainted or started speaking in tongues? I was so naïve. Silly almost. For some reason - the internet was completely new, I was an internet virgin - I projected all my sexual ideals toward this male stranger. He told me where he’d be at a particular time, and he also gave me specific details about his attire.

The music pulsed through the venue, and I tottered on my heels with my friend in tow. She scanned the venue, pointed toward the bar and looped her arm through mine.

“That way.”

She was as excited as me. We both walked on clouds. She didn’t know about internet flirtation before my experience, and thought it novel. This was 1999 after all, and Australians were quite new to the internet. We approached the bar, and we scanned each person. When I isolated the flirtatious virtual satyr, I was taken by surprise.

“Is that him?” my friend asked, her eyes widening in disbelief.
“It can’t be,” I said, feeling a hand twist my intestines. I wanted to turn round and walk out.
“It has to be. He’s the only one fitting the description.”

Thin, as in skinny, and adorned in a casual outfit - off white linen shirt and baggy jeans.

We approached him, introduced ourselves and received confirmation. We were polite, and I was more than polite. I tried to generate conversation, but his small stature and his overly effeminate - all right - ‘out there closet gay’ status floored me.

I felt cheated. I wondered why a gay man would go through all that trouble to flirt with a woman on the internet. Perhaps it was a practical joke of sorts - something that offended me somewhat. Of course, he denied his sexual orientated. He denied it for weeks, but over the weeks we’d see him in the same nocturnal hangouts with an entourage of boys. He was in his mid thirties, and the average age of his boy entourage was nineteen - all out there, proud, and somewhat more comfortable with their sexuality.

I decided, at that point, never to waste my time online flirting with males or bothering with the entire chat-flirt-online cyber thing.

Huge disappointment, then again, it’s better to experience it earlier rather than later. I learned one important thing -where internet flirtation is concerned. Few things appear to be what they actually are and I should have cottoned onto that when the male ‘flirt’ wouldn’t describe himself further or reveal his age. Instead, it was the typical absurd:

“I can be whatever you want me to be.”

And that’s the thing about internet flirtation. People can be whatever others want them to be, acting a specific role, until it all falls apart in the stark light of day.

If you have a topic suggestion: leave it here.

May 29, 2008

The Most Intrepid Web Cam Girl

I received a reader question today. Actually, I don't think it can be classified as a reader question, as it is more close to random curiosity. I was asked if I was - possibly, maybe, hopefully - the same girl behind the site known as Anacam or Ana Voog. The name was familiar.

Curious, I looked it up and had a laugh. I was asked the same question a few years ago in a chat room (my user name at that time was Ana), and no, I'm not Ana Voog.

If I broadcast my life via webcam, people would die of boredom. I can think of a few routine scenes that would appear in the Web Razzies:

Scene 1: Morning. I get out of bed (or flop out, depending on whether I took a sleeping tablet the night before), go to the bathroom, with the cat hot on my heels mewling 'I'm hungry bitch, when are you going to feed me?' I take a leak, step into the shower for a five minute lather and rinse, followed by a quick (not languidly long) dry off.

Scene 2: Kitchen. Kettle switched on and me bent over with a can of cat food. Water boiled, and coffee stirred.

Scene 3: Sitting at the dining table, cigarette, and a flick through the morning newspapers.

Scene 4: Seated on my butt using my fingers....typing something (like this?).

Therefore, I'd be completely boring...but today, I did manage to have some action at home -ransacking the living room and bookshelf searching for my med prescription. Two hours of fun-fun-fun.

May 08, 2008

Dear God & Cool

Roaming the Internet, I found a new site that contains everything cool - The Coolhunter, but its offshoot site Dear God offers something different, and contains poignant prayers to God. Dear God can possibly go the same route as Post Secret, and enter the print arena. Already, it has gained a high readership, which is a fantastic thing to see on the web. Many of the online prayers are accompanied by poignant imagery.

Dear God enables reader feedback, and I have to say that it is the hub of kindness and positivity where site comments are concerned, which is a good thing.

May 05, 2008

The Internet is Evil & Other Stories

If a massive anthology was put together, it would make for an interesting read or push The DaVinci Code off the astronomical bestseller list. As for the title of such an anthology?

The Internet is Evil

Dan Brown (not DaVinci Dan) of the London Free Press has written an interesting article about the 'evil' Internet, and he is right to say that society always uses a scapegoat. Years ago, or back to the dinosaur era when kids were skipping school to head to the game arcades, video games were the bane of every parent's existence. Each time I'd beg my mother for twenty cents for Space Invaders, she'd do a Gordon Ramsay: "Fucking Space Invaders!" But with her new Australian accent it was more like, "Farkkingk Spece Invaiiders!"

It's not about technology so much as what that technology enables a person to do or what opportunities it Bookcover80 offers a person. Unfortunately, and this is where the idea of an anthology enters the scene, the Internet enables people to indulge in fruitcake behavior. Take one person with the right amount of crazy ingredients, and the Internet is an orgasm for them. Back in the day of video games, all you did was sit there with your Atari playing Berzerk and Pong, and you had no one to play mind games with. You just hit the ball, and pretended you were having fun (even though you preferred to head down to the games arcade to get away from your boring Atari, and tilt a pinball machine for the fun of it). I loved the game arcade. The game arcade was the first and last time I was ever called a 'skinny bitch' by a boy. His name was Apostoli, yes he was a local Greek lad (the inner city was filled with migrants those years), and he was pissed at me for hogging Donkey Kong and beating his record – call it my early definition of female empowerment. And that was about as bad as it could get.

Fast forward to the age of virtuosity, with imaginary rooms, avatars and people and it can be like stepping into digital Bedlam and what is more, there is an idea of there being no limits whatsoever. Enter an adult room in Paltalk and the world is your oyster, even if the 'fat fanciers' rooms need to be labeled 'obesity' is a health hazard. And I think that is unfair. You need to be told about these things in more specific terms. Hey, I'm no prude, just tell me what I'll find in the damn room. It's not good enough to say, 'you have to be over eighteen or twenty-one,' in this day and age. Hell, I'm almost three years from forty, but if I see a twisted set of cock and balls in the midst of CBT, I'm going to be put off my Cornflakes. Specificity is key.

In 1976, the film Sybil was a groundbreaking story about multiple personality disorder. Sally Field was amazing in that film. She won awards. Linda Blair in the Exorcist was something else. It horrified the world, but now, what is there to be horrified about when you can find that sort of thing at the press of a button? It is one thing to have a writing nom de plume, but it is quite another to interact with people using different online personalities, to delve in a relationship or make friends with people using assumed names. Screw the political correctness, but that is downright crazy (or 'crazeyyyyy'), and the thing is this, it's not as though the people aren't aware of doing it, like the real-life Sybil (Shirley Ardell Mason) and other people who genuinely deserve sympathy, they are fully aware of doing it and do it for ulterior (and selfish) reasons.

Psycho1 What compels some people to do this on the Internet? From my own personal experience, being on the receiving end of the occasional loon in chat rooms and the like, it is based on some sexual pretext and it's not the Internet that is evil. It's not about evil. It's about having a convenient medium to mask and create many personalities. There have been moments when I have thought that this type of behavior isn't about craziness per se, but about pathological lying that aims to extract information, something that Barbed Wire outlines well in her blog entry about Internet loons.

Think about it. The multiple chat persona/avatar creates so many stories about themselves, and happens to know everything there is to be known about people you know, and just before you head into Crazyville, you realize that you're dealing with a species that would make Alien look like a Gremlin. That is how I can sum up the Single White Female in my chat world back then. I have fantasized about so many ways to inflict pain on her, that it would make me look demented, and I probably am, but that is the thing: these people bring out all sorts of ugly in innocent people. To this day, you'll never find me in a chat room. At work, people would often discuss things like online dating or chatting, and I'd experience a form of post traumatic stress disorder (there ought to be an Internet version) with 'oh no…no…nooooooooooo! Stop talking, la-la-la-la I'm not listening. Fuck off!'

In the seven or so years of using the Internet, I can form my own little fractured anthology.

There was the guy who was really a girl, who'd chat up females, and get them on the phone, with a convincing masculine voice, and do all sorts of phone sex things, for the girls to find out the truth and feel violated.

There was Single White Female, who made it her mission to befriend as many people as possible to find out all the goss in a small chat community, and to wreak havoc by sleeping with as many attached males that she could, and then return on the chat medium to announce her feminine superiority to hapless women, after bedding their men.

There were two male friends who'd interchange personalities, and share the same girls online.

There was a group of bored young adults comprising of a closeted Greek dude, his female friend (with the macho voice) and two little fairy types, who'd chat up innocent people, and offer their contact phone numbers to the people, with the people unaware that the phone numbers they were getting were their own phone numbers (confusing yes). So the poor sods would realize they'd spent an hour wasting their time.

There is the case of my first ever cyber male, and him being an effeminate hardcore queen who still lived with his parents at the age of thirty-seven and pretended he wasn't gay to those within the community. I'll never forget meeting that guy at a chat social event and thinking so many politically incorrect thoughts such as, 'which gay male would spent hours trying to cyber a female?'

If, during the era of video games and Atari, the technology back then could offer the same thing to certain nut jobs, they'd definitely take it up. It's not about the technology being evil per se, it's about the small portion of people being nut jobs and the Internet being a versatile technology, that is much like nuclear technology. Now you get your good and bad in all technologies. Without nuclear technology we wouldn’t have treatments for things like cancer, or a way to provide cheap energy to households and businesses, but nuclear technology also has its ugly side in nuclear bombs. The Internet is the same. It’s fantastic for bridging the geographical gap and providing information at a second’s notice, but it also has its crap side, and that side manifests in the virtual multiple personalities and trolls that drive you crazy every now and then.

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