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May 17, 2008

The Doctor with a Sex Complex

There are some occupations that demand 100% attention, and no moonlighting. Take doctors as a prime example. Doctors ought to be focused on their position and be alert at all times. Malpractice and harassment are two things that end careers in this profession, but Australia is still a baby where medical lawsuits are concerned.

I've had my fair share of weird comments during gyno examinations, but if I had to tolerate the (alleged) examination style that 'Sex doctor' Dr Richard George Young gives, I'd sock him in the mouth. One of his prized (alleged) comments to a woman (during a pelvic examination) is the following:

"Holy mackerel, you're small!"

Dr Young is one of those 'star' doctors, or would like to regard himself as a sex symbol of sorts. He's appeared in Cleo magazine's annual eligible bachelor list and is a former male stripper (a good job to pay for college expenses), but the most recent development, one that has caused concern is the alleged sexual services this doctor has received from prostitutes during medical appointments. He was also previously suspended for having sexual relationships with two patients. One former patient has described his medical examination as being more sexual than clinical, and I guess it doesn't matter how physically attractive a doctor is, people don't go to doctors to rack up sexual flyer points – they go to be examined.

It can sometimes be scary enough to go for a pelvic examination, and in the age where pelvic examinations are mandatory for women, doctors such as Richard Young aren't doing women any favors. If the AMA doesn't deal with this doctor (remove his medical license permanently), then they will appear lax – considering his previous suspension – and some women (in Australia) will feel apprehensive about seeing male doctors.

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